On the season finale ofGrey's Anatomy, Arizona Robbins made it possible for Callie Torresto move to New York to be with her girlfriend, Penny Blake. She agreed to share custody of their daughter, Sofia, even though Arizona had just won full custody.

Surprise exit

It wasn't clear from the story line if Calliewould be back for season 13 ofGrey's Anatomy. Soon after the season finale aired, Sara Ramirez, who plays Dr. Callie Torres, posted on social media that she was taking a break from the show. Knowing this, fans could easily look back on the season finale and see how Calliehad been perfectly writtenout.

WhenGrey's Anatomyreturns for season 13, her absence will be explained by her move to New York to be with Penny.

Sara foreshadowed her departure

On the final day of filming, SaraRamirez posted a tweet that said, "That's a wrap for Doctor Callie Torres." Social media went wild trying to decide if Sara was secretly telling the world she was done withGrey's Anatomywithout making an official announcement. It turns out that Sara was doing exactly that, but no one knew for sure until after the season finale aired.

Shonda didn't know

What many fans don't know is the creator ofGrey's Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes, didn't even know Sara would not be returning for season 13 when they wrote and filmed the season finale.

Season 12 was completely under wraps when Shonda found out that Sara was not going to be returning to the show. Even more surprisingly, Shondashared that she found out Sara was leaving GA only three days before the public found out.

Although Sara's exit came as a surprise, there are no hard feelings between Shonda and Sara.

Shondashared a heartfelt tweet about Sara after she made the announcement. She even said Sara was welcome back on the show anytime.

Are you surprised to hear Shonda Rhimes didn't even know Sara was going to be leavingGrey's Anatomy? Do you wish she would have been written off the show differently? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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