On Wednesday, DC Comics releasedDC Universe: Rebirth #1, the beginning of a story that will pave the way for 21 new Rebirth titles from DC over the next several months. But whether it's a comic, a television show or a movie franchise, well-known comic book superheroes tend to be one of the most common entities in popular culture whose stories must endure the dreaded "reboot."

But when Geoff Johns stopped byThe Late Show with Seth Meyers on Wednesday, he insisted that DC Universe: Rebirthisn't simply a reboot.

The story, the opening of which is told mostly from the perspective of Kid Flash/Wally West after taking on the name "The Flash" and getting stuck in the Speed Force, is a relaunch of the entire DC world.

"DC Comics, in the DNA, is all about hope and inspiration. And we needed to get back to that," he told Meyers, who is a huge comic book fan himself. Along with fellowSNL alumni Bill Hader, Seth Meyers co-wroteThe Short Halloween, a one-off Spider-Man story published in 1999 by Marvel Comics.

He also co-created The Awesomes, an animated sitcom about a group of superheroes that airs on Hulu.

For die-hard fans who may prefer some of the older, more obscure DC superheroes to the more mainstream ones you see in movies likeBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Johns has good news.

"The relaunch is approaching this with a new light and bringing every character that hasn't been around back."

Johns has been working with DC Comics since 2000, and has most notably worked on projects that involve DC characters The Flash, Superman, Aquaman and Green Lantern.

His work withDC Universe: Rebirth marks a transition in his career as he moves on to work more closely with the DC Extended Universe franchise, which includes Suicide Squadin August.

Johns has previously worked on DC Comics-inspired television programs likeSmallville,Arrow, andThe Flash.

The 21 Rebirth titles and the release date for issue #1 are as follows:

  • June 1—Batman,Green Arrow,Green Lanterns,Superman
  • June 8—Aquaman,The Flash,Wonder Woman
  • June 15—Titans
  • July 6—Justice League
  • July 13—Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps,Nightwing
  • July 20—Batgirl & the Birds of Prey,The Hellblazer
  • July 27—Red Hood & The Outlaws
  • August 3—Suicide Squad
  • August 10—Deathstroke
  • August 17—Supergirl
  • August 24— Blue Beetle
  • September 7—Cyborg
  • September 28—Teen Titans,Batman Beyond

The Late Show with Seth Meyers airs weeknights on NBC.

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