In the latest installment of Game of Thrones, family seems to be the theme of the week. Thankfully, this episode was free of any deaths and was relatively slow in terms of action. More than anything, Blood of My Blood left viewers with more questions than they had before the episode aired. 

A season's long mystery was finally solved...kind of

Just when Meera has lost all hope, and the Wights close in on her and Bran, a mysterious rider comes to their rescue. He soon reveals himself to be the long-missing Benjen Stark.

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While casually pouring a nice tall glass of rabbit blood (yum!), he tells Meera and Bran that he was stabbed with an ice sword by a white walker. Luckily, the Children of the Forrest found him and stopped his transformation — they do owe mankind after all. This new revelation confirms what book readers have long suspected: Benjen is still alive, but now he's some sort of human/White Walker hybrid.

Whether or not he goes by Coldhands has yet to be confirmed, but we basically know the truth already. But the bigger question is what's next for Bran? Will he stay in the north to finish training, or will he join his siblings on their march for Winterfell?

Power has once again changed hands in King's Landing

King Tommen is finally allowed to see Margery, who seems to be repentant and contrite. Later, in a bid to finally put an end to the High Sparrow's influence, Jaime Lannister along with the Tyrells  make a move on the High Sparrow and his followers. However, the High Sparrow calls a truce as an unshorn and slightly smug Margaery stands behind him, and (not) surprisingly, the young king joins the two of them. This new alliance was clearly not OK'ed by the Queen regent, as she and a newly demoted Jaime discuss their new plan.

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Has Tommen joined the dark side, or rather, has he seen the light? 

Daenerys game plan.

Daenerys finally has a game plan and it includes crossing the narrow sea. She has some good ideas, but how will she execute this plan? Let's not forget about her little harpie problem back in Meereen either. On the up side, she seems to have mastered the art of riding a dragon. 

Samwell Tarly.

After 5 seasons of build up, we finally get to meet Samwell Tarly's family. His father is just as prickly as we imagined and immediately begins tearing poor Sam apart (figuratively, that is), but Sam unexpectedly decides to take Gilly and the baby with him instead of leaving them with his family. I suspect we'll be seeing more of Lord Tarly in episodes to come, especially since Sam swiped Heartsbane, the family sword, on his way out.

Will Ayra escape?

It seems that Ayra really didn't have what it took to be no one. After speaking to the actress she was sent to kill, she decides to save her at the last minute.

Unfortunately for Ayra, the Waif was watching. Jaqen H'ghar gives the kill order but requests that she not suffer. Could this mean that he likes Ayra, possibly confirming a popular fan theory that Jaqen is actually Syrio Forel, or that he at least impersonated him? The real question is: Will Arya be able to escape the Waif?

The Red Wedding.

Finally, for all those who have been wondering what the Freys have been up to since the Red Wedding, we learn that they have, unsuccessfully, been trying to maintain control of the Riverlands. An agitated Walder Frey commanded that two of his many, many sons go to Riverrun and force the Blackfish to submit. As leverage, he brings out Edmure Tully, the heir to Riverrun. I wonder if Lord Frey knows what Ramsey did to poor Walda and her newborn son?