Game of Thrones this week did what it sometimes does best. Namely to take a breath with some sparkling yet understated dialogue whilst tantalizing its audience with some hope (Jon Snow's resurrection), some pain (Jon's depression at his resurrection) and a the hint of an answer to the biggest of fan theories (just who are Jon's parents?).

Well hello cheeky

So now, after the shock of last week's episode, Jon Snow actually does know nothing as the poor so-and-so wakes up from death to find himself stark naked on a cold wooden table up there in the frozen north. “I shouldn’t be here” he mumbles. That was nothing compared to the look of shock on the faces of the gathered Wildlings and Night’s Watch as he later decides to hang up his Lord Commander's cloak and depart from the watch.

Ah but at least he got a hug from his mates.

The real story of Ser Arthur Dayne

It’s another trip into the past for Bran and the Three-eyed Raven as they visit the scene of the legendary confrontation between Bran’s father, Ned Stark,and “ the best swordsman he ever saw." Sadly for Bran, it seems Ned’s story of heroism may have had some element of, well, big fat lies as it turns out Dayne was stabbed in the back of the neck by Howland Reed.

However, the real stunner for Bran is his calling out to his father and old Ned hearing him……can he affect the past?

Ramsey gets a present

So what the heck is Umber up to? First he insults the mad-as-a-box of frogs Ramsey by calling his dead but probably still warm father the C word, not once but twice, but he also refused to bend his knee and swear allegiance to the new Lord Bolton.

Instead he presents him with a trio of presents; a Direwolf’s head, Osha,6 and Rickon Stark. So we’ve either got a few weeks of torture from Ramsey or maybe it’s a ruse by Umber & Rickon? The internet Is awash with countless conspiracy theories to that effect.

Notable mentions

Ser Alisser Thorne and his not-so-merry band of stabbers get what many felt was coming to them at the end of a hangmans rope.

Plenty of muffled chokes, swinging legs, and bulging eyes after the deed was done. I’ll miss Alliser, even he did try to kill old cheeky bum Jon.

Cersai – still looking as gorgeous as ever with the short hair look. Talking about looks, the look of death that she gave the Small council as they left her to face more lonely humiliation was a sight to behold.

Silly people, I expect they'll pay. Here's hoping!

Tyrian one liners – “The true history of the world is the history of great conversations in elegant rooms."

Arya gets her sight back.Tommen is, well, still poor little wetTommen.Tyrian fails miserably in his attemptsto socialize.

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