In the Game of Thrones map (and of course in the A Song of Ice and Fire map) we have a continent named Sothoryos. It's large, contains many riches, it's extremely dangerous and partially unexplored. This land lies southeast of Westeros (pretty far from the Seven Kingdom's continent) and south of Essos (not too far from Valyria). North of Sothoryos we have the Summers Sea, east we have the Jade Sea. Near its northern shores we also have several legendary islands. Keep reading if you want to know more about this fascinating land!

Landscape: jungle, ruins and riches

In the A song of ice and fire and Game of Throne's map, Sothoryos is the most south continent.

It is covered in jungles and a thousand times more lethal than our Australia. Princess Nymeria, before landing in Dorne, settled beside the waters of the Zamoyos river, "amongst quicksands, crocodiles, and rotting, half-drowned trees".


On the northern shores lie many abandoned towns, while Sothoryos' interior it's "covered by impenetrable jungle where ancient cities full of ghosts lie in ruins beside great, sluggish rivers". The shape of its southern coasts remains unknown.

The Ghiscari believed Sothoryos to be as large as Westeros, while Jaenara Belaerys, after an exploration on her dragon Terrax, declared that Sothoryos was as large as Essos, "a land without end". Near the northern coasts are located several islands: Naath (the Isle of Butterflies, home of the Peaceful People and their god, the Lord of Harmony), and the Basilisk Isles, that include the Isle of Tears, the Isle of Toads, the Howling Mountain, Talon and the Skull Isle, where the corsairs offer skulls to some dark god.

Many riches can be found in Sothoryos: gold, gems, rare woods, exotic pelts, queer fruits, and strange spices.

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A land of diseases

Sothoryos it's a land of diseases: "green fever, the dancing plague, blood boils, weeping sores, sweetrot", read death, greyscale, brownleg, wormbone, sailor's bane, pus-eye, etc. According to The World of Ice and Fire: "Even to splash in the river was to court death, for the Zamoyos was infested with schools of carnivorous fish, and tiny worms that laid their eggs in the flesh of swimmers". Other remarkable facts:

  • In the haunted, ruined city of Yeen a thousand people, apparently, can vanish during a single night.
  • In the past dragons live in Sothoryos, as dragon bones have been found in its jungles.
  • Lomas Longstrider, an ancient adventurer, claims his ancestors founded cities on the western shores of Sothoryos, only to have them destroyed by mysterious forces.

Sothoryos' inhabitants and fauna

Daenerys Targaryen describes Sothoryos men as brindle-skinned half-men, with thick skin, big bones, big teeth, flat noses and massive muscles. The southern Sothoryi are known to be cannibals and dark gods worshippers.

Some legends claim the existence of other races such lizard men and eyeless cave-dwellers.

According to the tales recounted in A World of Ice and Fire, in Sothoryos can be found crocodiles capable to overturn boats, swarm of carnivorous fishes capable to devour a man in minutes, stinging flies, venomous snakes (obviously), deadly wasps, basilisks (some twice the size of a lion), and, in the forests of Yeen, apes larger than giants.

Farther south, in the "Green Hell", according to the tales, vampire bats can be found, and tattooed lizards, snakes 50 feet long, wyrms, nocturnal monsters known as shadow-wing, and last but not least, a lot of wyverns (which cannot breath fire, but are very similar to dragons).

What about a fourth continent? The even more mysterious Ulthos

Ulthos is a landmass far east which may be another continent. No one knows how large it is. The point of Ulthos, as George Martin once explained, is to remark that Westeros men don't know much of the world east of Qarth. Its continent status is deliberately ambiguous.

As we can see, the Game of Thrones map and the Game of Thrones world are larger and more mysterious than we and even the show characters can imagine.