It's time for new theories about Game of Thrones season 6 after Jon Snow left the Night's Watch in the final scene of episode 3. Some fans predicted that Jon, after his resurrection - being free from the Night's Watch's oath -, would have left the Watch. But is he really out of the Watch? There are many reasons why he should/could reconsider his decision. Here are 5 of them.

The Others are coming. Who you gonna call?

Since Jon was a little kid he heard the Stark family's words: "Winter is coming".

Now winter is truly coming and winter means the Others. We saw their strength and we know the Wall is the only thing between them and the Seven Kingdoms. Lots of things seem to indicate that Jon is the one who is gonna challenge them first, or, at least, that he is going to play a major role in the battle to come.


Is he really going to abandon the Watch knowing how dreadful the Others are?

The Wildlings at Castle Black

Jon took one of the most controversial decision in Night's Watch's history: allowing the Wildlings through the gates. After that, he was killed. Jon is the one who put them together, without him, how will the Night's Watch's members and the Wildlings behave themselves? He created a brand new situation, difficult for someone else to handle. And it's also hard to find someone who can replace him (Edd is not exactly a leader, and even after a possible new election, who could be able to lead the Watch besides Jon?).

It's difficult to imagine Jon far from the Wall.

It's difficult to imagine Jon not in the North. It's almost impossible to picture him involved in some King's Landing's intrigues.

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(He would probably die in a day). Moreover, he's tied up to the North in many ways: the Others' arrival, Sansa's possible arrival, Melisandre's will, the Bolton's possible attack, Samwell in the Citadel, waiting to report some important information to him, etc. A lot of these things would work better with Jon as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

The Bolton's menace

If Ramsay Bolton is really going to attack the Wall from South, it would be an advantage to be inside the Wall. If Jon decides to fight the Boltons, staying in Castle Black (as Lord Commander) would be the better option.

Melisandre and Jon: if he's Azor Ahai, he will probably stay in the North

In Game of Thrones season 6 episode 3, Melisandre told Jon that Stannis wasn't the Prince That Was Promised, but someone has to be. The Prince That Was Promised is Azor Ahai (it's almost certain), so Melisandre suggested that Jon is Azor Ahai reborn, the hero that will fight the Others in the long winter. If Jon really is Azor Ahai, he will stay in the North and face the Others. Why don't they reconsider the position of Lord Commander of the Watch, then?

What do you think about these Game of Thrones season 6 theories? Is Jon Snow going to reconsider his decision? Share your ideas in the comment section!