This week on a new "Fear The Walking Dead" the second season approaches a midpoint with an episode titled, "Sicut Cervus." The title of the episode may not be familiar terminology to everyone, but thankfully in the internet age the research doesn't take too long to conduct. Before we get into the stressed relationships and how obligations played into the show this week, let's look into the title of the episode to gleam some insight into what the writers are trying to tell us.

The hidden meaning of the episode's title

What you'll find is that "Sicut Cervus" has a few possible meanings or allusions that could tie in to the show.


The phrase comes from the Clementine Latin Vulgate Bible, specifically Psalm 41:2, and is loosely translated, "As the deer longs for the springs of water, so longs my soul for you, God." Therefore, "Sicut Cervus," or "As the deer," has a myriad of possible meanings, from hunting to the nature of animals in the wild. "Sicut Cervus" inspired Renaissance musician Palestrina to write his choral masterpiece of church music of the same name, fitting for the location of this episode and the reanimated parishioners who this episode faced a first death of poison at the hand of the clergy and a second death at the hands of the Abigail survivors. After the brutal church battle of the undead, during which Nick split open the head of  a small girl with an axe, he sat helpless on the ground, trying to make sense of what has become of the world around him.

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The weight of killing so many people and walkers weighs heavy on his shoulders during this episode.

Fractured relationships

Chris and Alicia are driven further apart this episode when he almost lets Madison get eaten alive by a walker, and if it weren't for Alicia's quick thinking and strong character, her mother would have died while Chris just watched it happen. Later, when Alicia confronts Chris about it, he almost turns things physical, warning her not to tell anyone and drive their family apart. The last straw came when he wandered into the room where Alicia and Madison were sleeping and picked up a knife laying near the bed. Gunshots woke everyone up when he was discovered in the compromising position, and Alicia and Madison yelled at him to leave the room. The last few weeks have really developed Alicia as a character and, if season one was about Nick, season two is squarely about Alicia and her pathway to growth as a potentially strong leader, if the writers allow her to live.

Obligations and compromise

Perhaps the most interesting and evil character we've met so far is Celia Flores, who seems almost unfazed by her son's death. On a related note, she seems almost pleased and eager to help Strand die via poison so he can join Thomas Abigail as a zombie in the eternal afterlife on earth after he eventually dies from the walker bite he obtained on his arm before Strand could arrive in Mexico. At the Baja safehouse, Celia holds friends and family turned walkers in a cell, much like Hershel kept family and loved ones in the barn at his farm, hoping for a cure. In the end, with his obligations fulfilled to Thomas, Strand compromises on his decision and chooses to live, shooting Thomas in the head which prevents him from turning. Celia, upset that her small world has been turned upside down, tells the Abigail survivors they must leave the compound as the episode comes to a close.