This week on a new "Fear The Walking Dead" season 2 heats up with an episode titled, "Blood in the Streets." One of the biggest questions so far has been regarding Strand and who he was before the apocalypse. This episode gave us some much needed context about the captain of the Abigail and what makes him tick. Not everything we wanted to know was exposed, but we're closer to understanding some of the motivation behind the complicated character who has so far been calling most of the shots when it comes down to the big survival decisions on the show.

Spoilers ahead, so stop reading this highlight article now if you haven't watched the episode yet, which is worth watching for all the finer details of this week's episode.

The story of Strand gets told

Back during Hurricane Katrina, Strand was a man of opportunity, and when he meets a man at a bar, he takes advantage of perhaps the best opportunity he's had in some time.


When the man, Thomas Abigail, gets drunk, Strand helps him to his room and then robs him of his credit cards. Instead of calling the cops, Thomas shows up at Strand's hotel with Luis Florez, his muscle, and obligates Strand to pay him back the $30,000 plus in credit card debt. Strand and Abigail eventually become romantically involved and it's almost safe to say that Thomas did not survive the initial moments of the apocalypse, but it does become clear that the Abigail is sailing to Mexico where Florez's mother is waiting.

Nick is on a mission away from the Abigail

At the start of the episode, Strand sent Nick to the shore with an address to find Luis Florez, who will help secure their passage into Mexico. Nick is forced to kill a walker and smear his blood and guts all over him to avoid being bitten, a trick he learned last week with the Flight 462 wreck.

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When Nick reaches the address he gets a gun pointed at him by Luis, but soon explains Strand sent him. Nick cleans himself off so he doesn't get Florez's Porsche dirty and the two drive to the shore where a raft is stashed away. They load bags onto the raft and drive it to the Abigail and notice the extra men with guns on the boat. Luis shoots and kills two pirates and they board the boat and secure it.

Alicia's radio friend takes over the Abigail

Jack, the voice Alicia had been talking to on the radio, shows up with a pregnant woman and another kid, Reed, and they quickly take over the boat and tie everyone up, except Strand who gets on a raft and cruises away. The raft is shot by the hijackers and Strand is left to die of hypothermia, or so they hope. Travis helps start the boat without the keys and that saves any of his family from immediate death. A man named Connor is said to be the head of the pirate crew and he's on the way. The Abigail crew loses Travis and Alicia who are taken away by Connor, so next week we will see their struggle to survive and get back to the Abigail, or perhaps they perish.

Only time will tell. The leftover pirates on the Abigail are killed and Reed is wounded and captured. We'll see how long he lasts because he seemed to be pretty mouthy, but he inevitably might be the perfect trade for Travis or Alicia. One thing is clear, this entire situation is Alicia's fault. At the end of the episode Strand is rescued by Madison and we'll see what he plans next to secure the Abigail and it's crew.