This week on an all new "Family Guy" season 14 wraps up with a finale episode titled, "Road To India." This episode is another in the continuing "Road To" theme that has previously seen Brian and Stewie visit Germany, Rhode Island, Europe, the Multiverse, The North Pole, Las Vegas, Nevada and Aspen, Colorado.

Brian calls tech support

Brian's computer freezes up while writing so he's forced to call tech support to find some answers to his problem. Stewie jokes that even Microsoft Word hates his writing.

Brian hears the woman's voice on the other end of the tech support line and he falls in love right away. Stewie can't believe how Brian is always falling in love with strangers so he leaves to go get an English muffin. Brian builds a relationship with the woman, who we find out is named Padma, voiced by Sheetal Sheth, and lives in India.

Joe and Peter play bingo

When Bonnie is out of town, Joe has an extra ticket for Tuesday night bingo. He asks Peter to go with him, and at first he thinks it's a stupid idea.

Lois forces Peter to go with Joe against his will, but after winning a game he becomes obsessed with bingo. He wears a special bingo outfit, ignores his family and eventually causes Joe a tremendous amount of stress. Lois has an intervention with Peter and brings Meg and Chris to bingo where they ask so many questions and pester Peter so much while he's playing that he agrees to go home.

Stewie and Brian head to India

When Brian gets to India and meets Padma she's about to get married but she calls off the wedding at the last moment now that Brian has arrived. Her father is upset but Brian suggests he raises the money to pay off the dowry Padma's father paid to her future husband's family. Brian first attempts to earn the cash by removing tapeworms, because Stewie says that everyone in India has one.

When that venture doesn't pay off, Brian tries to win money on the Indian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," but he knows nothing about Indian culture and loses the game after the first question. Padma tells Brian that she's changed her mind about getting married because he knows nothing about her culture. The show ends with a musical Bollywood number by the main cast and Brian ends up being bitten and mauled by a Bengal tiger while Stewie tells everyone to face forward and finish the tune until the curtains close.

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