Seth MacFarlane’s satirical animated sitcom Family Guy has often made itself a hot-topic issue over the years, between it being accused of copying The Simpsons formula or the show itself getting too many spin-offs on the Fox network, but now the show has been accused of plagiarism of a far more serious nature.

A recent episode, “Run, Chris, Run,” raised legal concerns over a scene in which the show’s main character, Peter Griffin, is seen playing the virtual basketball game, Double Dribble.

In the scene in question, Peter is able to take advantage of a glitch that helps him win at the game, based on a real glitch the game had become known for.

The conspiracy over a YouTube frame-up:

However, it has been claimed that Fox had used the clip from a YouTube user known as “sw1tched,” whose video was later taken down by YouTube over accusations of copyright.


While the video in question is currently still taken down, a second video from the user from the game can be seen below:

It has been suspected across the web that Fox possibly stole the clip from “sw1tched,” and had possibly reported the original clip to have it taken down. According to reports, as the original Double Dribble game’s copyright had most likely expired by the time the video was originally uploaded to YouTube, and it is unlikely, although not impossible, for Konami, the original rights holder to have renewed copyright.

This expired copyright also makes it unlikely that Konami had been the ones to report the original “sw1tched” video.

If this proves true, it may give credence to the accusations that Fox had stolen the clip and unfairly reported the “sw1tched” video.

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In Fox’s defense:

On the other hand, however, as YouTube has become rather infamous for their “fair use” policies, it is also possible that YouTube’s “bots” had simply noticed that the two videos had similar content and took down the video without a corporation’s backing, without Fox being directly involved with taking down the “sw1tched” video. If true, however, it does not necessarily negate the possibility that they took the clip from the “sw1tched” video.