Donald Trump, also known as The Donald, was the guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night. The real estate mogulwas in California for a Republican fundraiser, so he stopped by to spend some time with comedian and host Jimmy Kimmel.

Trump at half speed

As the lead guest on the late night talk show, Trump was ready for Kimmel’s wisecracks and questions. Kimmel’s monologue was full of Trump jokes and the hilarious host played some of The Donald'sYouTube videos at half speed, which had the audience cracking up.

Kimmel then had his street crew head out to streets of Hollywoodto talk to people in the Trump edition of "Lie Witness News." The crew found some Trump supporters andmade up ridiculous stories about things that hehas said.

The reactions from the people in the streets was priceless.

When Trump finally took the stage, Kimmel didn’t stop the ball busting, but it was all in good fun. Kimmel reminded Trump of the good old days when he used to speak highly of Hillary Clinton. It wasn't that long ago, in 2008, when Trump said he thought Clinton would make an excellent president. And then just four years ago in 2012, Trump said he thought she was terrific.

They also talked about how much Trump isenjoying the struggle that is happening between Clinton and Bernie Sanders. When Kimmel asked him who he would rather go up against in the presidential election, Trump said he'd prefer Bernie Sanders, because he thinks that he would be easier to beat.

Winners still aren't losers

To end the segment with Trump, Kimmel read a book to himand the audience. The book was created by Kimmel and his crew, and was called Winners Still Aren't Losers.The book is the second one that Kimmel gave Trump. The first was titledWinners Aren't Losers, and Kimmel gave it to Trump the last time he made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jazz musician Gregory Porter was the other guest of the night, and he took the stage and sang his single, Holding On.

Bernie Sanders will appear on the show Thursday, May 26, along with Kyle Chandler, Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo.

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