A post is going viral today that says that Adam Levine stopped in the town of Enid, Oklahoma because of a flat tire. This post reveals that he had great things to say about the local people. Now everyone in this town is sharing this post on their social networks. It is quickly going viral, and everyone can't stop talking about it. The site even quotes Adam saying, "Well, we had a flat tire just as we were about to leave the city limits of Enid and two, maybe three cars pulled over within five minutes to help us with it.

And no, they had no idea who I was before they pulled over. They were very helpful and very friendly. I gotta say, I was really impressed with the people of Enid, Oklahoma! That would’ve never happened in L.A.!”

Did this really happen? 

Don't get too excited about this news.


Viral posts like this are popping up various towns all over the country, and none of them are true. How do we know this? The website Daily News 11 is even admitting that they post false news. If you go to their about section, it explains what is going on. It says, "Daily News 11 is a fantasy news site.  Most articles on are satire or pure fantasy." 

This means that they make up news to get people to their site. They are allowed to do this because their site admits that it is not true if you check out everything on the site. They are making money off of you clicking on it, too. 

How do I keep from being fooled? 

If you think something looks strange, then it probably is, and you should do your research. Check out the about section of the website or go to Snopes and look there as well.

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They post about viral things that are going around and if they are true or not. This happened recently with a different site saying that Dr. Pepper was going away, and it was not true either. Check your facts out before you share. 

Did you fall for this story and think that Adam Levine was in your town? Did you see that Brad Pitt was talking about your city and get excited? Sound off in the comments section below on if you fell for this viral hoax