Everyone is always watching what the Duggar family does and now Derick Dillard has upset a few fans with a comment that he made about his son Israel. Jill's husband was just kidding around, but people don't love what he had to say in a recent update for fans. Everyone of course, puts the safety of his child first.

Israel is eating bugs

Jill and Derick are in Central America right now and it is their rainy season. This means new bugs and creatures, but Derick teased that this isn't an issue for them. He said, "but that’s not a problem because we also have a one year old who provides excellent service in the pest control department as his diet continues to expand." Of course, Derick was just kidding and doesn't let his son eat bugs, but he is a toddler who would if given the chance.

Recent blog update

Derick and Jill Dillard gave fans an update on their blog about how things are going for them in Central America. This is where Derick teased about the bugs, but he also shared other details about what is going on with them. Derick shared that Israel recently had his birthday and Derick's mom got the chance to come down that week. They had all been sick and really enjoyed having her there with them during that time.

Their church is looking for a full-time pastor and so Derick has been preaching for them a few times a week while they look. His wife Jill Duggar Dillard has been helping out by babysitting several children while their mothers give free haircuts and take a class so that they can learn how to make jewelry.

While Jill and Derick are in Central America, the rest of the Duggar family is getting used to life again with Josh home. He is back home and selling cars again after his time in sex rehab. There is no confirmation on if their showJill & Jessa: Counting Onwill be back for another season or not. Fans would love to see it return and hopefully TLC will make an annoucement soon.

Are you shocked that Derick Dillard didn't realize that everyone would take his comment out of context? Do you think that he took it soo far? Sound off in the comments section on your thoughts.

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