This week the finale of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" wraps up season one with an episode titled, "Legendary." It's been a heck of a season, and arguably "Legends" is the blueprint for how superhero shows should be brought to the small screen. Viewers have spent 15 hours so far watching this team assemble, fall apart and ultimately reassemble for the finale tonight and the episode did not disappoint with intense action and a satisfying conclusion.

Kendra leaves a note in a helmet

Kendra is shown running during 1944 in France being hunted by Savage. She comes across a soldier whose helmet she recognizes and demands some paper to write a message. She places the message inside the helmet just as Savage catches up and a knife meant for her instead kills the soldier. The helmet rolls off his head and the camera pans to the inside, clearly showing the hidden note. The message, Kendra's coordinates, ends up in the same helmet aboard the Waverider and is later found by Rip.

The Legends summon Rip and the Waverider

The mission is not over and the remaining Legends, stuck in 2166, summon Rip and demand he take them back with him to finish their mission. While looking for clues to where Savage is, the soldier's helmet aboard the Waverider falls to the ground on the other side of the ship where it's normally located. Rip looks inside and finds the location of Kendra, who has essentially sent a message through time.

The Waverider and the Legends jump to France in 1944 and they catch up with Kendra, Carter and Savage. Meanwhile, Sara demands to go back to save her sister, Laurel. Rip apologizes to Sara that there's nothing he can do so save her sister. Sara breaks down and says she doesn't believe she can go on without her.

Savage is hunted down like a wild animal

The Nazi's confront Savage first and the Legends swoop in and join the fight, causing enough distraction to rescue Kendra and Carter.

Unfortunately, Kendra is shot down by one of Savage's men and Rip says they should retreat and come back for her later. Back aboard the Waverider, Rip and the Legends formulate a plan to find Savage. Martin believes that Savage will detonate three meteorites in three time periods to change the course of destiny. He'll need to be in three places at once, which is possible because of his immortality.

Martin says they simply need to kill Savage three times in all three time periods to finally be rid of him once and for all. Epic battles ensue across space and time, with three Savages getting attacked by three teams of Legends. Kendra stabs one Savage in the heart, Mick shoots another and burns him alive and Sara murders a third Savage.

The Legends save the world

The last meteor, about to blow up, can't be neutralized.

Rip leaves aboard the Waverider and takes the meteor with him. His plan is to drive the ship into the sun so that the meteor explosion doesn't freeze time in place. On the way to the sun, Rip passes out and in his mind is temporarily reunited with his wife and child as the Waverider is almost swallowed up by fire. At the last moment Gideon tells Rip she is not ready to die and helps to eject the meteorite into the core of the sun and Rip time jumps away. Rip, a former Time Master, gives himself the task of protecting the timeline now that the Oculus is gone. The scene cuts to 2013 in Central City and Leonard Snart is back. Mick tells him he's a hero and the two friends part ways, but Rip tells Mick he can always bring him back to visit his friend. Moments later it's 2016 in Star City and the remaining seven Legends show up to talk to Rip. Kendra and Carter bow out of future adventures, leaving Sara, Jackson, Martin and Mick to work with Rip. Moments later, a second Waverider crash lands and a man asks if it's May of 2016. He tells the Legends Mick sent him and instructs them not to get on their ship or they're dead. His name is Rex Tyler and he's a member of the Justice Society of America. The season ends, as expected, on the cliffhanger.

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