This week on an all new "DC’s Legends of Tomorrow" season 1 beings to wrap up with an episode titled, "River of Time." Last week, a giant robot almost took out the Legends, but it ends up that, even though it's 2166, the technology that built the robot was from the future, and therefore Savage has been blatantly and purposefully manipulating time. Rip thinks this information will  be enough to win back the good graces of the Time Masters once he exposes Savage's actions, so he takes the Waverider and the Legends to the Vanishing Point.

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The Legends hold Vandal Savage prisoner

On the Waverider and in a prison cell, Vandal Savage proves to be a manipulative monster who does his best to fragment and separate the Legends by playing into their weaknesses.

Savage manipulates Kendra and Ray, telling her that he alone can reunite her with Carter and telling Ray about his long and twisted relationship with Kendra. Meanwhile, Carter is also held prisoner and Kendra does her best to revive the person he once was. When Ray catches Kendra reciting a love poem to Carter, it destroys the last threads of their romantic entanglements. Savage escapes when Ray enters the prison cell and starts a fist fight with Savage that he can't win. Savage knocks Ray out and quickly heads for Carter. There's a battle that takes place on the Waverider and just as Savage is about to murder Kendra, Carter snaps back to reality and saves her, but is stabbed by Savage in the process. Kendra knocks Savage out and recaptures him.

Jefferson fixes the damaged time drive

Jefferson pays a price for fixing the damaged time drive by being exposed to time radiation.

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The time radiation turns his internal organs old first, but his body soon catches up, and the radiation sickness will soon kill him. Rip knew the dangers and sent Jefferson in anyway, which weighs heavy on him and he temporarily loses the respect of the remaining crew.  Stein steps up to do something, drugs Jefferson again, and sends him back to 2016 via the jump ship, which he hopes just might revert Jefferson back to his younger self and save his life.

Rip is betrayed by the Time Masters

When Rip turns Savage in to the Time Masters at the Vanishing Point it appears they are actually working together, much to the dismay of Rip. Savage is returned to 2166, where he will carry on with his business. A disappointed Rip is jailed by the Time Masters, who send troops into the Waverider to catpure the rest of the Legends and arrest them as the episode comes to a close. Only two more episodes of the show are left for the season. "Destiny" will air next week, May 12, and the season 1 finale, "Legendary," will air on May 19 on The CW.