May 9th brought another incredible show to the small screen. The dances and the video packages were amazing. It is so interesting to see what happens when you take a challenge and then truly apply yourself to it. I saw Antonio Brown the football wide receiver seemed to not get it at first, but last evening he wowed us all. It was his dedication and will to compete that changed it all.

What Competition Does

Competition can either give you an insight into your weaknesses or it can change your attitude so that you work on the skills needed in order to win. By win, I do not mean winning it all (although most of the Dancing With The Stars celebrities really want that mirror ball), I mean winning for your own personal benefit.

This show presents the audience with many lessons on determination and perseverance no matter what is happening personally. We have seen injuries (such as Bindi Irwin of last season) take a hit on the movements needed and yet working through it has shown the world that you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

Driving A Winning Attitude

We lost Jodie Sweetin last night and she went out with a huge perfect score for her jive dance. Unfortunately, someone always has to go home. Jody was the pick last evening. Although we all have opinions on who else should have been eliminated, it will all come down to just the best 3 in the long run anyway. Jodie has shown her will to get it all right and Keo has brought out the best in her for sure.

That is something we all need to strive for, to bring out the best of those around us. We do have a profound influence, so let's hope we can be a positive influence and not a negative one.

Elimination to come

Knowing you may be eliminated at a moments notice should drive your behavior in a way that you do yourpersonal best.

Learning and taking advice is the key to gaining a foothold on perfecting what you need in order to rise to the top. Without the sage advice from the judges and the innovation of the pros, most people would not be in the competitive zone. Even business successes need coaches and others to judge as going it alone most often leaves you in the dust.

We all need a team.

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