With the selection of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president, you would think that satire is officially dead. But Saturday Night Live put that proposition to the test recently when the venerable show brought back Dana Carvey and his classic character “the Church Lady” to interview “Ted Cruz” and “Donald Trump.” The Church Lady was a regular feature on SNL during the 1980s in which the prim, proper crossdresser skewered the self-important and the sanctimonious, such as Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Carvey is still trotted out from time to time just as the Church Lady is needed with her catch phrases, “Isn’t that special?” and “Could it be?

Could it possibly be…Satan?”

On the most recent Church Chat, the Church Lady started with some fashion disasters committed by Madonna, over the hill at 57, and Beyonce, still in the prime of her career. Then, she abused the first interview guest, “Ted Cruz.”

The actor playing Cruz did not quite achieve full-fledged parody. While skewering Cruz when he is in full, self-confident mode would be easy, doing the same when he is in defeat didn’t quite work. “I guess it was God’s plan.” “Was it God’s plan that you be humiliated by an orange mannequin?” “Cruz” stomps off vowing to take John Boehner’s hint and become Lucifer in the flesh.

The next interview guest, “Donald Trump,” was far more successful.

Truth to tell, Trump himself is a walking, ranting parody of himself, so it would be hard not to poke fun at him with an overweight actor with an orange wig with even a perfunctory attempt at his voice and mannerisms. In the middle of the interview, “Ted Cruz” returns as a not too convincing Lord of Hell Fire (“Could it be?

Could it possibly be?) with horns, smoke, deep voice and all.

SNL has been an equal opportunity offender with its depiction of politicians, from the tightly wound Barack Obama, the power crazed Hillary Clinton and the cranky old Bernie Sanders. The show must be praying for Donald Trump to win the presidency, though.

His administration may be ruinous, but would provide ample material for laughs as the country goes into a death spiral.

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