A Press Association breaking news flyer on Twitter this morning confirmed that PJS, a celebrity in a fight to keep his name out of tabloid reports, has won his anonymity. This follows a failed appeal to the Court of Appeal, where three judges ruled in favor of lifting the injunction on the Sun on Sunday, which barred them from naming the celebrity.

Confidentiality long lost.

In a case that had entertainment fans agog, speculating and searching out clues on the internet, the anonymity might as well have been lifted.

The Metro, UK speculated that this was the case when they reported that Lord Justice Jackson said that there is so much knowledge out there about the sex case that “confidentiality has probably (already) been lost.”

The Sun on Sunday.

The dispute began earlier this year when the Sun on Sunday wanted to run a story about the celebrity who had engaged in an alleged three-way sex act. After listening to the rather sordid details from AB and CD, about how AB and PJS had previously had sex together before indulging in a three-way session with CD, the editor of the Sunday Sun decided this was a juicy story and wanted to publish it. This precipitated a series of hearings and appeals, which ended when the Supreme Court ruled that PJS can keep his anonymity.

The big taboo.

This might not help PJS in the long run as the Sun Paper wrote that the US had published their names anyway. In the meantime, a lot of fun has been had by people speculating just who PJS is. The Baby and Bump comments range from downright hilarious to probably very close to the mark. Even those people in the USA who do know who PJS is, and those in the UK who suspect they know, are cautious about revealing the name publicly.

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Big famous people have loads of cash and reams of lawyers. Who really wants to face the possibility of being sued, especially when it is taboo to put it up on the internet?

Naughty but nice.

It is human nature to want to be in on a secret, and the naughty but nice flavor has kept social websites buzzing for months. PJS wants to protect the children, or someone’s children, (it all gets a bit confusing).

Adding to the confusion were reports and updates from Foxella, who reported that the Guardian had changed “wife” to “partner” and speculated the couple might be in a same-sex relationship. One is definitely a celeb and the others are not, but their story might just catapult them that way.

No secret on the internet.

The Supreme Court ruling has a place in the UK, but for the rest of the world, it really is no big secret.

Via the internet, just as Leonard Cohen wrote in his song, “everybody knows.." If you don’t know, you are either computer challenged or have better things to do with your life than worry about an entertainer whose sexual exploits let you down years ago anyway.

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