Macgyver’ was an 80’s action adventure TV series on CBS which introduced the world to Richard Dean Anderson. The show was such a staple of 80’s style TV drama, that it even spawned a parody movie in ‘MacGruber’ (2010) starring Will Forte.

MacGyver’ is now being reimagined into a 2016 reboot starring Lucas Till in the role made famous by Anderson. Till, can be recognized from playing Alex Summers in the new X-Men franchise, most recently in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.'Co-starring with him will be George Eads, (‘CSI) who seems to be playing a role similar to that of Jack, played by Bruce McGill.

CBS just dropped the Trailer for the new ‘MacGyver’ series today

MacGyver was a special forces operative with a knack for using science and creative ingenuity to get out of the worst situations, by using every objects and whatever was around him to stop bad guys or rescue people. The original show was so popular that the pop culture term ‘MacGyver'-ing’ something was used to describe when people jury rigged or used their minds to solve a problem with DIY procedures.

MacGyver’ isn’t the first adaptation of a successful property from back in the day.

This year alone CBS has had a major hit by adapting the 2011 film ‘Limitless’ starring Bradley Cooper into a show starring Jake McDorman. But one wonders how the novelty of using household items to create stuff, will play in 2016, when almost anyone can learn to do something themselves through online resources and tutorials. A MacGyver-type today could just be a kid who watches a lot of YouTube videos.

Fox Television also tried something similar by adapting the Tom Cruise starring, Steven Spielberg directed 'Minority Report' into television this season as well, but with less than stellar success. Is 'MacGyver' is successful, it might see a new trend of rebooting old TV shows, yet again.

'MacGyver' isstill a show that has lots of nostalgia, especially for older audiences. Given CBS’ demographic, it could survive with that premise alone, however to get new audiences involved may be difficult for the show.

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