I love the books written by Kathy Reichs and have read them all, which in turn has led me to watch the Bones series on an irregular basis. I do have each episode recorded to that I can follow along at any point in time and that is the best way to fit in TV watching while working on multiple projects. This particular episode brought to mind a number of issues we all face, sometimes on a daily basis.

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Human Nature

The show brings up the fact that human nature does not really change and people, although they can change, rarely take the time to make changes, This is truly a study on situations that can go in either direction.

For example, Bones has been cited for insubordinationbecause she slapped a person while on duty. She felt she was right and the person deserved the slap. Now, herein lies the problem, although she may be right, the disciplinary board wants to suspend her duties. Booth does not defend her actions but Bones does make her point and gets a "reduced" sentence so to speak. She now must be on probation under Booth's guidance. Interesting take for sure!

Relationship Building

Aubrey is infatuated with an intern, who is very smart when it comes to anthropology but not so smart when it comes to relationships. Meager advice from others has encouraged these two to be a couple. By the end of the eopisode, they have a good start!

Speaking of relationships, Angela is having a tough time dealing with the major attitude changes of her husband, Hodgins. He is not coping well with his new wheelchair bound life and is taking it out on the ones he loves. He is ready to give up and have Angela go away but she refuses telling him that they are in this together and that is what makes a marriage.

Hodgins has a difficult time seeing it that way but does admit he is making life hard on everyone around him. At the epidoes end, he is ready to take on the challenge as a couple.

If you have not watched Bones, then get out the schedule and plug in...it has a lot to offer!

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