This episode stars Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec. One of their investments, Mensch on a Bench is having brand issues. Daymond John works with Aqua Vault to seal a deal with a high-level water park, We also see an update on the Toygaroo company.

Mensch on a Bench

The company was founded based on the fact that the children of the founder had parents that were Jewish and Catholic - they wanted to raise them in the Jewish faith. The idea came together based on the fact that December always raised issues around gifts. The company was doing $100K per year before they were featured on Shark Tank and after the show, theywere pushed to $900k.

A great jump but now the problems were setting in, A product expansion is starting to dilute the successful products off the shelf. Many are not really profitable with adding only a few thousand dollars each. Robert has encouraged the company to concentrate on add-ons and not just a whole set of products.


Although they did not get a deal in the Tank, they were invited by QVC to present. Once on the show, they sold out within 6 minutes. QVC invited them back but they could not keep up wit the production so had to decline. Hampton VA came to the rescue and gave the team a grant to build out their own production facility with 2 tanks and a bistro. Today they are very successful.

Aqua Vault

Money is always an issue when you have a very successful product. The big lesson here was that you have to go through the tough times in order to hit the successes. Daymond John gave this group great advice when he would not give out money to buy inventory. Instead he suggested getting a deposit on the goods before they were shipped in order to pay for the production.

The negotiations with a major water park company included that deposit, and they were off to the bank to grow even more.


Sad but true, Mark Cuban and KevinO'Leary invested in this company and offered great advice, The company owner pushed the way she thought she should go but ended up with too much growth and could not keep up.

The lessons here were to put processes together first then go into publicity and promotions. The business did close but there is still hope for the founder.

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