Continuing the current trend

In a time where everything in Hollywood [VIDEO] these days seems to be recycled, re-made [VIDEO], and otherwise unoriginal, Disney is continuing their trend of turning their catalog of cartoon classics into live-action, feature length films. We've already seen this treatment given to "Snow White and the Huntsman," "Cinderella," and "Maleficent," and now, it looks like the same is going to be done with "Beauty and the Beast."

All-star cast

Although actor Emma Watson will always be known as Hermione Granger, she has been cast in the featured role of Belle.

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At first glance, even before considering what she brings to the role in terms of acting and her overall interpretation of it, in terms of her looks and stature, it's safe to say that she is a dead ringer for what Belle would look like were she taken from the page to the flesh.

And, although Watson will be remembered largely for her role in the Harry Potter films, she has done a number of projects in recent years to kind of shed that image of herself and allow for a more grown up perception.

Along with Watson's Belle, Ewan McGregor will be the candle, Lumiere, and Sir Ian McKellen will be his trusty sidekick/clock Cogsworth. Luke vans is set to be the classic villain Gaston, while Dan Stevens will take the title role of Beast opposite Watson.

With the official teaser trailer just released, it's sure to trigger a sense of nostalgia for anyone that grew up in the early 90's. While the trailer itself doesn't give mch away in terms of the overall look of things, you do get a sense for the story, along with a beautiful score that pays homage to the classic cartoon. Though it may be too early to get a real sense of the film, as it doesn't actually become available in theaters until 2017, there's certainly enough in this teaser alone to pique interest and generate buzz for the film.

One can only hope that this latest adaptation manages to capture all of the magic of the original, but, with what we know so far, it seems like this latest adaptation may just be able to do justice to its source material.