The History Channel has had a couple of scripted dramas, along with its reality programming. including “Texas Rising” and “Vikings.” The latest series to bow on the cable channel will be called “Barbarians Rising” which will tell the story of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire from the point of view of its opponents in eight episodes. The series premieres on June 6, according to Deadline.

  • Episode 1 will depict Hannibal, the Carthaginian general who almost brought down the Roman Republic in the second century BC. Other episodes will depict:
  • Spartacus, the gladiator who formed a slave army and fought the armies of Rome to a standstill b before being defeated in the year 71 BC. The rebel slave leader has been depicted in the movies and on TV before, most famously in the film by Stanley Kubrick played by Kirk Douglas.
  • Arminius, a Romanized German, who led the Germanic tribes to ambush three Roman legions and destroyed them at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD. The battle made sure that Roman power did not extend beyond the Rhine.
  • Boudica, the British warrior queen who destroyed a Roman legion and sacked Londinium (modern London) before being brought down by the armies of Rome.
  • Attila, the Hunnish chieftain who overran the Western Roman Empire in the 5th Century AD and was only turned back from the gates of Rome by Pope Leo 1. His empire collapsed shortly after his death.
  • Alaric, the king of the Goths who sacked Rome in the year 410 AD.
  • Fritigern, the Visigoth King, who destroyed an Eastern Roman army at the Battle of Adrianople in the year 378.
  • Geiseric, the King of the Vandals and the Alans, who overran Spain and North Africa and sacked Rome in the year 430.
  • Viriathus, a leader of a people, called the Lusitanians who resisted Roman expansionism in Spain in the 2nd Century AD until he was betrayed and murdered in his sleep.

If “Barbarians Rising” is like “Vikings,” expect a lot of bloody battle scenes, sex, political intrigue, and over the top acting.

The series should be a fun view for fans of historical dramas.

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