"Arrested Development" season 5 is coming to Netflix soon, says series creator Mitch Hurwitz. Speaking in an interview with Esquire, Hurwitz stated that the fifth season of the cult favorite dark comedy will be coming back for another season without a doubt. Hurwitz stated that all the lead actors from the series' previous four seasons are on board for another season, as is Netflix.

"It'll definitely happen," says Hurwitz. "The actors want to do it, the studio wants to do it, Netflix wants to do it." At this point, "it's just making it happen." Hurwitz says the season is unlikely to happen before the election, but fans can "definitely" expect another season.

Season 5 details

Hurwitz didn't give away too many details about the upcoming season, but he did explore some content that was cut from the series. The fifth season of "Arrested Development" was supposed to have a wall built between the US and Mexico, but that idea has since been scrapped because of Trump's campaign. The new season was also meant to have Gob (Will Arnett) acting as a detective and trying to solve a murder, but the story-line had too much in common with the real life, high profile Robert Durst case.

Meanwhile, Hurwitz says the cast is busy patching up the fourth season of the series. The recut season will have 22 episodes instead of 15, and might actually air on television.

Life after death

"Arrested Development" follows the eccentric Bluth family as they struggle through work, life, and crime. Starring Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Jessica Walter, and other excellent actors, the series was considered ahead of its time when it originally aired in 2003. The series was peppered with a huge amount of inside jokes, references, and other Easter eggs that only come to light after multiple viewings.

Due to this rich storytelling and universe, it became an instant cult classic. Unfortunately, its cult following was not enough to prevent it from getting cancelled in 2006.

In 2013, after years of fans clamoring to bring the series back to life, Netflix produced the fourth season of "Arrested Development." Although the original cast made a comeback, as did the offbeat humor, the fourth season used an unusual mode of storytelling that divided fans.

A fifth season might be what the show needs to breathe even more life into a series once thought dead for good.

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