This week on a brand new "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" season 7 travels further down the road with an episode titled, "Tbilisi, Georgia." Bourdain experiences all that Georgia has to offer and gets down into the thick of it with the locals, exploring tantalizing new foods and beverages unique to the region. Bourdain had tried previously to come to Tbilisi in November of 2015, but his journey was thwarted by severe weather. Since 1991 Georgia has been independent of the Soviet Union and Bourdain says after that moment it's been a wild troubled ride with struggles to obtain and maintain a semblance of democracy in the country.

Tony enlists the help of an old friend

When Bourdain realized his trip was happening, he knew he needed the help of someone familiar with the territory, so he called up his old friend, Zamir Gotta from Russia, who was more than happy to be a guide.


Tony and Zamir have dinner and formulate a plan, which Bourdain knows will include a lot of alcohol. Specifically, the alcohol will be Georgia's special Cha-Cha, described as something akin to moonshine. Cha-Cha is part of local hospitality, and Bourdain gets his fill of the drink in this episode.

Bourdain explores the casinos

Zamir and Bourdain discuss their games of choice in the casino and decide they might play some poker, blackjack or craps. The casino is located in Batumi, Georgia and Bourdain says they are mostly for the benfit of Turkish men, who can't gamble in their country, so they hop the border to satisfy their needs. Bourdain plays blackjack but has a brutal and tough day at the office and is shown losing multiple hands. Tony has better luck with roulette when he bets on black and wins.

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He lets it ride and loses it all when the roulette lands on red.

Anthony explores the food culture

The hangover that Bourdain has from the night before is explained to be like something crawled inside his head, defected and then died. Georgia has a variety of hangover remedies and foods, it's part of their culture, and Bourdain at first tries a dish called Khashi, which is basically a beef broth with tripe, bones, joints and connective tissues. Tony dumps garlic into the soup but doesn't care for it. He finds a stew on the menu though that he loves that contains slow cooked veal, onion, tomatoes and heavily seasoned with coriander, chilies, garlic and fennel. It's spicy and Bourdain says it has a good zing and makes him feel better. For the rest of the episode, Bourdain does much of the same, eating his way through the culture and failing miserably at avoiding alcohol, which is consumed in mass quantities. At the end of the episode, Bourdain sits down to dinner with a family and talks politics. The general consensus is that the people of Georgia are optimistic for their future in the country, but only if the country can remain independent.