It looks like the team that brought the world the film version of “The Martian” is getting back together to make another movie. Deadline is reporting that Andy Weir, the author of the book that last year’s epic Space adventure, has sold a pitch for an as yet unnamed story to 20th Century Fox. Simon Kinberg and Ridley Scott, the director of “The Martian”, will produce. Weir will write the screenplay.

Thus far no one has revealed the plot of the story Weir has sold to the movies, but that should not stop speculation.

The film project is not likely a direct sequel to “The Martian,” which starred Matt Damon as an astronaut stranded on Mars, forced to use all of his knowledge and experience to survive. Weir has express disinterest in returning to the character whose adventures earned over $600 million in foreign and domestic ticket sales last year.

Weir is known to be writing a new novel about a female criminal living in a city on the moon. The possibility exists that Weir has sold the film rights to that book and will be writing the screenplay.

The last possibility is that the movie project is about something else entirely and that the world must await news about it is when it is released in due course.

In any case, Weir has been busy since his novel became a widely seen and critically acclaimed movie. Recently he attended a Humans to Mars conference where he signed books and hobnobbed with other Mars enthusiasts from inside and outside NASA.

He also testified before Congress on using a spacecraft equipped with artificial gravity to take astronauts across interplanetary space. He suggested that the real expedition to Mars would be a bit different than what was depicted in the book and movie. When people go to Mars, the voyage will feature more international and commercial participation, an analysis with which NASA Administrator Charles Bolden agrees.

In any event, Weir, whose best-selling novel started as a self-published ebook, is prospering, thanks to the renewed interest in space exploration that, ironically, his work has helped to inspire.

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