With the brutal success of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, DC comics considers expanding his entire universe in Hollywood, and the next film to be released is the expected Suicide Squad, where we will follow the adventures of a super-villains group that was turned into unwilling heroes. There will be a lot of great characters like The Joker and Harley Quinn, but one of the most relevant is Floyd Lawton, better known as Deadshot, played by Will Smith.

This antihero is a complex and iconic adversary for DC comics and very followed over the years due to his appearance in comics, tv shows, and cartoons.

However, there is not much information about him, so he practically will be a new character for the majority audience. If you don’t know much about this villain, better you see this information before going to the theaters in August.


Who is Deadshot?

Floyd Lawton is a dangerous assassin, cataloged as one of the most deadly on the world. He specializes in the use of firearms and kills from a distance. Commonly, the character is associated with Batman since his appearance in 1950, in the comic book. At the beginning, Lawton was described as a gun-toting vigilante but with the passing of time, he became a straightforward gun for hire. His better skills include master accuracy with all types of guns, especially with the two wrist-mounted machine guns that he uses to fight. Besides this, Deadshot has a great ability at hand-to-hand combat and is very talented in infiltration.

His personality.

Regarding his personality, the man has an unusual sense of humor, with one dose of cynicism and a very clear capacity to laugh at danger.

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This peculiarity leads him into frequent confrontation with Rick Flagg, famed for his military bearing. Despite the impudence, Deadshot possesses a troubled past, as we can see in the trailers.

Apparently, the Suicide Squad recruits him as one of the Amanda Waller prisoners, thanks to his killing skills. Several shots indicate that Deadshot’s story will be told in flashbacks.