The Star Wars train just keeps rolling. Five months after the release and success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Disney and Lucasfilms have cast Alden Ehrenreich as the young Han Solo. Ehrenreich is set to star in a prequelof the Star Wars franchise, chronicling Solo's life before joining the Rebel Alliance.

An unknown, yet familiar face

Many may not recognize Ehrenreich's name. Technically, he's not a newcomer but he hasn't had any breakout roles, either. Fans of the young adult film Beautiful Creatures will remember him as the love interest to main character Lena (Alice Englert) where he donned a convincing southern accent for the film.

Most recently, he worked on Hail, Caesar! and is set to star in the upcoming untitled Howard Hughes project helmed by Warren Beatty.

The role of a lifetime

Ehrenreich is a Los Angeles native who was discovered by none other than Steven Spielberg while attending a batmitzvah of a mutual friend of Spielberg's daughter. This may explain why he was chosen for the part.

Spielberg cast the original Han Solo, Harrison Ford, as Indiana Jones in the early 80's. The film franchise is a collaboration between Spielberg and Lucasfilm founder George Lucas, whom Spielberg has enjoyed a close relationship with over the years. Ehrenreich was pretty much grandfathered into the role.

Ehrenreich is only 26-years old and he had to contend for the Han Solo role against more established young Hollywood names.

Scott Eastwood (The Longest Ride), Taron Egerton (Kingsman), Miles Teller (Fantastic 4) and Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars) all auditioned for the role and lost to Ehrenreich. A Page Six insider said, "Alden really impressed Disney and Lucasfilm execs with his screen tests." The rest they say is history.

Ehrenreich will begin filming in January 2017 because his character mighthave a cameo in the currently shooting spinoff, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The Han Solo project, which is tentatively nicknamed Project Red Cup because of the Solo red party cups is set to be released in 2018 and will feature Solo ten years before A New Hope.

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