After months of anxious wait, Sarbjit, the Hindi movie directed by Omung Kumar has finally hit the theaters on May 20, 2016. The film has been ruling the headlines for the past couple of months; thanks to Aishwarya Rai's involvement in the promotion works of 'Sarabjit'

This movie showcases the real-life story of an Indian National, who gets convicted in a Pakistani court of terrorism and spying. Randeep Hooda enacts the title role in the movie. Aishwarya Rai has done the pivotal role of Sarab's sister while Richa Chada has enacted his wife's part. 

According to initial reports coming out from the theaters, this cinema has blatantly failed to impress the audience.

The director has fallen flat in engaging the audiences, and the amount of melodrama included is so hard to digest. 

Most of the theaters in Mumbai and Bangalore have witnessed more than 60% attendance on the first day, but considering the negative reviews, the occupancy percentage is expected to drop in the coming days.


The former Miss World looks adorable in the film, but her dialogue delivery is pathetic. She enacted the character in such an artificial manner, and it will not impress you in any way.

The director also sidelined Richa Chadha's personality, and this is another major negative factor. The script is mainly focussing on Aishwarya, and if Utkarshini Vashishth had also paid some attention to Richa's role, then things would have turned out in a much better way. 

Randeep Hooda as we all know is a versatile actor, but the filmmaker wasted his talent. Things got even worse when the screenplay had nothing to offer to him.

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The director failed to pace the movie well, and there are umpteen numbers of moments which will pull you to a state of boredom. 

Omung Kumar was the director who gave Priyanka Chopra the role of a Manipuri pugilist Mary Kom, and it is our delusion that we expected a lot from him in 'Sarabjit.' 

If you are an Aishwarya Rai fan, then book the tickets, or else stay miles away from this half boiled drama.