This week, Arizona informed the general public that it has no intention of putting up with any attempt at defacing the beauty and natural ambiance of the Red Rock Forest in Sedona, Recently, a report from the Arizona Forest Service provided information of an attempt by actress Vanessa Hudgens to escape punishment after defacing a large surface of a portion of the red rock wall. Hudgens was caught online after posting a photo of hers and her boyfriend's names sketched into the Red Rock Forest wall.

The state fined the actress $1,000 after the popular television star was found guilty of defacing the original surface of a Red Rock wall in the Arizona Forest of Sedona.

Hudgens memorializes love

Hudgens gave a statement to the Forest Service authorities that the only purpose of the sketch was to canonize the love between herself and Andrew Butler for Valentine's Day. It took some time to find the exact location of the etchings by Forest Service officials.They have ordered the repair of the 12-inch portion of the Red Rock wall. Authorities' search had been aided by an associate of Hudgens who reported the incident to Forest Service officials.

Today, there is still no report from the Arizona police department that indicates any arrest being made of the Hollywood actress, however, according to the Sedona Police Department, the fine was paid immediately after contacting Hudgens at her native home of Salinas, Calif.

Actress known for High School Musical

The 27-year-old Hudgens is the former star of High School Musical who portrayed the role of Gabriella Montez. Hudgens' most recently debuted in the revamped version of the hit film 'Grease' entitled 'Grease Live.'

Arizona's actions against the star has shown that famous people are not immune to fines and punishment for wrongs they commit to national treasures and landmarks, officials said.

Many people believe they are above the law, but even famous people have to pay restitution for crimes they commit. Hudgens follows a number of actors and actresses who have committed crimes and paid fines.

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