One of Disney's latest live-action films, "Alice Through the Looking Glass," loosely based off the Lewis Carroll book of the same name, and which serves as a sequel to Tim Burton's 2010 "Alice in Wonderland," did not have an easy start at the box office this weekend.

Earning an estimate of around $28.1 million, in spite of expectations reaching $70 million, the film is currently considered a box office bomb, with some sources saying the film will be lucky to earn$40 million by the end of Memorial weekend.

Just to put things into context, this comes in stark contrast to the earlier 2010 film, which earned$116 million in its opening weekend. According to reports,many critics are speculating that a recent scandal is to blame.

The allegations

Johnny Depp, who reprises his role of the Mad Hatter in the recent film, recently made headlines when his ex-wife, Amber Heard, made allegations of domestic abuse against the star.

Heard had also recently filed charges against Depp, particularly blaming facial injuries on the actor's actions against her.

For many, it seems that the allegations could not have come out at a worse time for a film Deppwas headlining in.

Detractions against the allegations

Many voices in the industry do not believe that such a scandal, regardless of the validity of the claims, would probably have ruined the film's box office in the first place.

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ComScore'sPaul Dergarabedian, in particular, released a statement citing that there is no historicalbasis for any Hollywood scandal ruining a movie like this, stating that whether a film succeeds or fails usually is based around the"inherent appeal and the effectiveness" of a film's marketing department.

Another anonymous reported insider released a statement claiming that the film's lack of current success is probably just to blame on a "slow weekend," which may be likely for the American market given the Memorial Day holiday.

Jeff Bock of Exhibitor Relations gave the explanation that while Depp is probably to blame, given a record of being something of a "tough go at the box office," but ultimately claimed it had less to do with a scandal, and more to do with Disney over-hyping the film as a blockbuster it was never meant to be, suggesting it should have been released earlier in the year.

That said, not everyone in the media has also supported Heard's claims as it is.

Another of Depp's ex-wivess,Vanessa Paradis, recently condemned the allegations in a letter, defending Depp as never having been abusive to her in the years during their marriage.

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