WhileArrow andThe Flash still have their Season Finales on The CW this week, fans of DC Comics and DCTV have been busy talking about the crossover potential for the collection of superhero shows that the CW will have at their disposal in the Fall. The Flash already made an appearance onSupergirl this season, and when Barry Allen met Kara Danvers, he dropped enough names (Arrow, Atom, etc.) to let everyone know Supergirl could end up assisting any of her DC brethren currently living in the Arrowverse.

WhenDC's Legends of Tomorrow ended it's freshman season, the crew had been stripped down to Rip Hunter, Heat Wave, Atom, WhiteCanary and both halves of Firestorm.

They've just been introduced to Hourman, who introduces himself as a member of the Justice Society of America who has been sent to the Legends by Heat Wave of the future.

What follows is five possible ways to write Supergirl into the upcoming season ofDC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Female friend for White Canary

As Season 1 of Legends ended last week, Hawkman and Hawkgirl were going their separate ways, leaving WhiteCanary as the only female among the Legends. Even if she is a trained assassin, she's going to need a female friend to talk to after spending so much time on board a ship with guys like Heat Wave, Stein and Rip Hunter.

Of course, we saw Sara Lance kiss both a nurse from the 1950s and Captain Cold just before his death, so her romantic ambiguity could result in a girl-crush on Kara Danvers.

After all, wouldn't it be cute to see Caity Lotz enamored with Melissa Benoist?

Love interest for Atom or Jax

As the Season Finale ofSupergirl made very clear, Supergilr's heart belongs to James Olsen. But that doesn't mean other superheroes can't fall for Superman's cousin. In fact, unrequited love could be a recurring theme for Atom.

Having already lost Hawkgirl to her soulmate Hawkman, a one-way crush from a swell fellow like Ray would make viewers even more sympathetic to the lonely Atom.

As someone who appears to be as equally young, naive, and pretty as Supergirl, it would also make sense for Jax to have a crush on Supergirl, only to realize she is in love with Jimmy.

Justice Society of America

While Supergirl has no ties with the JSA in DC Comics, the roster has changed several times over the years, as with almost every team of Superheros in the DC Comics or Marvel Comics world. Since one might expect that Supergirl will live a rather long life on Earth, it would be easy to write a story in which Kara Danvers of the future has teamed up with Hourman and whoever else the CW brings from DC Comics to round out the Justice Society of America.

A time-travel need

As the old saying goes, "everyone deserves a second chance." With Supergirl constantly carrying such a heavy load of responsibility for National City, there will almost certainly come a time when she makes a mistake and the only way to correct her actions is to travel back in time.

If theSupergirl writers ever decide they want to bring back Kara's aunt— or anyone else who has died in the series so far— a quick flight to meet up with Rip Hunter andDC's Legends of Tomorrow could easily put that plan into motion.

Empathy for Rip Hunter

If anyone understands the sorrow Rup Hunter feels for his family, it's Kara Zor-El of Kyrpton, who lost her biological parents as a teenager, and her adoptive father (or so they thought) as an adult. In the quest to save his wife and child, Hunter has made hasty and selfish decisions that put other Legends at risk.

In a story arc that involves Supergirl crashing theLegends of Tomorrow set for an episode or two, Kara could sit down with Rip and provide a sympathetic ear.

While she may not be able to reunite herself with her biological parents, she may be able to help Rip reconnect with his family.

Supergirl andDC's Legends of Tomorrow will each have their Season 2 begin on The CW this Fall.

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