With Captain America: Civil War released to the masses, Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full-effect. There are 9 more films set to be released as part of the MCU before 2019.

At the same time, the success of Marvel's Daredevil and Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix has assured more seasons of both series in the future, along with spin-offs, including Punisher and Luke Cage. There's also Phil Coulson and Marvel's Agents of SHIELD on ABC, with another season of Agent Carter always a possibility.

All that to say: there's still a lot of room to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe — lots of opportunities to put new characters on display. Having recently stumbled upon a box of comics I collected in the mid-90s, I'd like to explore some of those options.


Here are 5 reasons that Trip Munroe of Hokum & Hex (Marvel/Razorline, 1993-1994) should be introduced to the MCU.

Stand-Up Comedy

Trip Munroe is a struggling stand-up comedian. Stage performance is in his blood, as his grandfather was a magician. This "daytime job" could allow a young actor like Donald Glover or Aziz Ansari a chance to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe while bringing a fresh sense of humor with them to the MCU.

Cool weapons

In the first issue of Hokum & Hex alone, Trip uses Chinese rings, a magic sword and even a possessed rubber chicken. Anything that could be a part of a magician's set could potentially be a recurring weapon for Trip Munroe in the MCU.

Top Videos of the Day

He would look good wielding a magical sword next to Thor and his hammer.

Magic over mutation

Unlike most of the X-Men or the Avengers, Trip isn't special because of mutant powers — whether by evolution or experimentation. Instead, he simply has magic powers, bestowed upon him by the god of another universe.

For that reason alone, it would make sense to give Trip at least a cameo in the upcoming Doctor Strange, as Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange is arguably the most well-known of Marvel's magic-capable characters.

2 female accomplices

You can't make a blockbuster these days without at least one beautiful Hollywood bombshell — even better when there's a brunette for her to compete with! Trip's introduction to the supernatural is lead by Solon Rey, an ex-judge (and old "man") from another planet. Because of Munroe's ability to manipulate light, Rey appears to Trip as Antoinette, his gorgeous ex-girlfriend.

While the comic book image screams for a Kaley Cuoco type, I think Gillian Jacobs would fill the role better.

Trip's pretty-yet-platonic friend Lisa could be played by Jacobs' Community co-star, Allison Brie.


With every corner of every Marvel Universe accounted for, Trip Munroe only ever appears in the "Barkerverse," which included comics by creator Clive Barker under Marvel's now-defunct Razorline imprint. That means inserting the character into a story — and then killing him — won't cause any major ripples that have to be resolved in other Movies or adaptations.

The previously limited use of the characters from Hokum & Hex gives Marvel Studios freedom to do all sorts of things with Trip without leaving any fanboys in a fit on Twitter. In fact, Trip could be used as little more than a way for Marvel to show continuity between different stories. Munroe could show up briefly in Doctor Strange, just as an intro to the MCU.

Later, on an episode of Daredevil or Jessica Jones, one of the heroes from Hell's Kitchen could happen upon Trip's suffering comedy act at an open mic. After losing the audience with his jokes, he performs some magic "tricks," which the mutant recognizes as more than an illusion. Then, on an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor could show up asking Agent Coulson if he knows someone that could help him fight gods from another universe. Coulson could point him to Trip in New York, citing word he's received about a magician in Hell's Kitchen with a history of battling the divine.

And just like that, Trip Munroe of the Hokum & Hex series finds a suitable role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.