This article contains spoilers about the first Supergirl season

In the first season’s last episodes, many plots were initiated, and not all of them met a final point. Now, with the sudden and surprising renewal, Kara and her friends will have the chance to effectively deal with many threats and find out more about an increasingly dangerous world.

J'onn J'onzz

Before being locked up, three things happened to the Martian Manhunter of peculiar interest: he fought the white Martian, revealed himself to the world, and started to look for Jeremiah Danvers.

And this is how these facts are going to affect the next season:

First, his fight with the white Martian showed how powerful that enemy really was, considering how long it took to take the creature down. Also, the White Martian is capable of hunting J’onn down every time he uses his telepathic abilities. Not even the Kryptonians freed the vile creature, but if he ever finds a way out of prison and has enough time to prepare, it will take a joint effort to put him down, and this would be increasingly worrisome if other villains were to attack at the same time.

Second, he revealed himself to stop Kara. This costed him dearly, since there were people present and this sort of history spread like fire on social media. Besides, even if he was stopping a corrupt Supergirl, most of the world will, at least in the first moments, see him as a green menace – and it will take a lot of time to show others his true personality. This could be exploited by smart villains, including an eventually freed White Martian, trying to mine the heroes’ confidence.

Last, but certainly not least, Alex and he went to find Jeremiah Danvers. They had information pointing his current location to a Cadmus facility, but they found out little more before the Kryptonians unleashed Myriad. Now, besides finding out the truth, they need to actually rescue the man before he is lost to them. Nobody knows for certain how Cadmus will be portrayed in the Supergirl series, so it’s a worry.

The newly arrived pod

The last episode showed a new pod arriving on Earth and Kara about to see what was in it. A major cliffhanger, this marked the many possibilities the show still has to explore. Among the most likely is a refugee from Krypton, just like Kara, who escaped the planet’s destruction on the last minute and took a longer route to Earth.

And it should also be considered the possibility of an older Kryptonian traveler, who is only now arriving on Earth but left Krypton many decades ago.

As the show presented many times, Krypton was dying for a long time, and it would be no surprise if the population went looking for a replacement planet before it was completely destroyed.Also, there is the obvious possibility for a Superboy to enter the cast.

Be that as it may, whatever lifeform is in the pod, it should really worry about Cadmus, and if Kara takes the newcomer under her protection, she might have a further confrontation with the shady organization and eventually have a way to find out more about Jerimiah and help her sister.

The Arrow and The Flash on Supergirl

It is really unlikely that any Gotham character gets involved in the Supergirl series. The shows are just too different. Yet, the astounding result with Kara and Barry’s meeting and developments in The Flash’s own show (that is, Cisco’s powers), a second reunion is very likely to happen.

Also, considering how integrating to their stories it would be, Team Arrow would be a very iconic experience in the Supergirl universe. Not only the main characters have a great deal to teach each other, many of their friends would benefit of synergy, such as Felicity and Winn, and Diggle and Alex.

Last words on the new Supergirl season

The showrunners are yet to send out word about release dates and plots. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy Kara’s adventures in the monthly The Adventures of Supergirl comics.

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