If you grew up in the 60’s you could not escape the comparison and the friendly competitive battles between these two popular TV shows.

The similarities of these shows and the messages they put forward have intrigued many.

Both comedies exploded onto the screens in 1964.

ABC Launched the Addams Family based loosely on the cartoons of Charles Addams who loved and relished humor with a dark twist.

Later that month CBS launched its own sitcom, the Munsters. It wasthe telling of a whole family of classical monsters living in an average neighborhood.

They held normal values and lived normal lives, except they looked really strange.

The Munsters and the Addams Family provided many wonderful lessons about tolerance and acceptance in highly orchestrated comical settings.

Current polls indicate the Addams Family is more appreciated today by a new flock of fans.

However, in the official 1964-65 ratings, the Munsters was ranked the 18th most popular show. The Addams Family’s came in at a very respectful 23rd.

Notwithstanding, the Addams Family has become more wide spread through a much more successful syndication.

It was transformed it into a highly profitable feature film in 1991 and made over $190m worldwide.

And let’s not forget the cartoons and video games that have also been very popular.

The Munsters has had five programs made for TV; the latest being The Munsters “Scary Little Christmas” released in 1996.

The Wayans brother famous for the horror spoof “Scary Movie” gained the rights in 2006 to the Munsters.

In what was touted as a remake, Rose McGowan had agreed to play the role of Marilyn Munster.

However, at this point the idea has been shelved.

The Munsters was clearly ahead of the Addams Family when it came to the power of merchandising.

They had everything from lunchboxes, action dolls, mugs, Atari video games, cartoons, their own sweets, and board games.

So, which show do you prefer?

Both programs were created for families but the attention to detail and excellent scripts and both had quirky characters that were heartwarming and just a little weird.

Both programs held up a mirror to their American viewers to question their idea of their own identity and self-values.

Now both shows have been compiled as DVD box sets and are still very popular over 50 years after they hit the screens in the US.

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