Tonight was the big season six finale of The Walking Dead and viewers were shocked to see it end with a big cliffhanger. The way that things went down, Negan is going to kill someone, but nobody knows who it is just yet. The crazy thing is last year Robert Kirkman confirmed that Glenn would not die when they did an episode all about fake spoilers. Check out the YouTube video below to see how it went down. 

Robert Kirkman's fake spoilers

So in this clip, Robert Kirkman is sharing random fake spoilers along with Lauren Cohan and Josh McDermitt.

Lauren says funny things like that Carl has been wearing a wire. Everything that they were seeing seems obviously fake, but then it comes to Robert Kirkman and he gets a bit crazy with it.


Robert says that a character named Negan will show up and he will kill Glenn with his weapon Lucille. 

This pretty much confirms that Glenn is not the one who dies considering that it was supposed to be a fake spoiler. This is actually the way it goes down in the comic books and they don't always stay true to the comics. It would make more sense for Robert Kirkman to shake things up and kill someone different. Plus, the fans went crazy last year with the idea of Glenn dying. 

What happens in season seven?

Robert Kirkman has already revealed that season seven will be about this story and how it all goes down. This is when Negan shows up and they have to decide how to handle him. Kirkman shared that they will do an entire episode that justifies to the fans why they killed this person. It could be Daryl, Maggie or someone else.

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Basically tonight they confirmed that it was not Carl or Rick, but anyone else that was there is fair game. It will all be coming out on the first episode of season seven, but don't expect the show to return for a while. Normally they bring it back in October. 

Do you think that The Walking Dead will end up killing off Glenn just like the comics? Do you think that Robert Kirkman told the truth when he said that was a fake spoiler? Sound off in the comments below and don't miss The Walking Dead when it returns for season seven.