This week on "The Walking Dead" we finish up season 6 with a finale episode titled, "Last Day On Earth." In this episode many fans expected that season long plot trajectories would be summed up neatly in a tight little package, but that wasn't exactly the case. Spoiler alert, a major and painful cliffhanger ruled at the end of this episode of "The Walking Dead," with the introduction of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. Let's get right down to business and recap all the highlights of the show this week.

Morgan searches for Carol

Morgan finds a horse and begins his search for Carol, eventually finding her curled up in a doorway and bleeding out. Morgan tends to her wounds, telling Carol she needs stitches and antibiotics so she won't become infected.


Carol refuses to go home and pulls a gun on Morgan, telling him that if you care about anyone there is price and you will pay it. Carol says she has paid that price and she can’t anymore. When Morgan steps outside to silence a hanged walker, Carol slips away unnoticed. Morgan gets on his horse and finds her with the sole surviving Savior from her showdown last episode. The Savior has shot Carol twice and he says he doesn’t have many breaths left and is going to make each one count. The Savior tells Carol she is gonna lie there on the ground and he's gonna watch her die slow like his friends did on that road. Morgan tells the Savior to drop the gun as he points his own that Rick gave him. Morgan shoots him numerous times until he dies. Carol cries to please let her go but Morgan declares it's not your turn, you're gonna come back from this.

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Two men approach them, one on a horse, and the friendly strangers say let’s get you some help.

Maggie need medical attention from Hilltop

Last week Maggie doubled over with stomach pains, which caused everyone to load up into the RV to take her to Hilltop to seek medical attention from the only known doctor in the area. Abraham, Eugene, Sasha, Rick, Carl and Aaron and Maggie have no idea what the day will bring them. Before they leave, Carl locks Enid in a closet and Gabriel tells Rick his first priority is baby Judith. Gabriel asks to be in charge of Alexandria's defense and Rick says yes. Deanna’s son Spencer asks if he should he make a deal if The Saviors show up. I have a deal, tell them to wait, Rick declares.

Eugene comes up with a plan

The RV group faces numerous roadblocks on the way to Hilltop, each one bigger than the last. They try to reroute but can't find a way through and eventually Eugene says he will drive the RV as a diversion while the group walks through the woods in the dark to Hilltop, carrying Maggie on a stretcher.

The plan fails and Eugene is captured and the group on foot is also captured. Everyone is forced to line up on their knees in a row. Daryl, Rosita, Michonne and Glenn, captured last week by Saviors, are then reunited with Rick and the crew and also forced to line up. Rick gives Carl a quick glance that acknowledge this could be the end. Tensions are high and no one knows exactly what is about to transpire.

Negan and Lucille make an entrance

Negan finally appears and asks for the leader. When Rick is pointed out, he tells him, "I’m Negan and I do not appreciate you killing my men." Negan goes on to tell Rick he will regret crossing him in a few minutes. Negan holds his bat, Lucille, up to Rick's face. Negan says that Lucille is awesome and demands Rick give him half of everything he owns. Negan comments on how bad Maggie looks and says he should put her out of her misery, which causes Glenn to jump up, but he is quickly put back down on his knees. Negan points Lucille at Carl and asks Rick if that's his kid, joking quickly about how he doesn't want to kill a future little serial killer. Negan decides who to kill at the end of the episode and the scene is viewed through the bloody perspective of the victim, but it's not revealed who died. Tune in to season 7 to find out who Negan and Lucille killed.