Who did Negan kill on the season 6 finale of 'The Walking Dead'? Social media is running wild with theories based on the final scene of season 6 where Negan walks up and down a line of our favorite characters playing 'Eeny, meeny, miny, moe' with his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat, Lucille. Fans will be waiting until October 2016 to find out the truth, but this YouTuber feels he already knows what happened.

Which character is being hit by Lucille?

Popular YouTuber, 999 Gaming, has come up with a theory of his own, claiming the final scene reveals Abraham will be the one taken down by Negan and Lucille.

In the video, 999 Gaming focuses on one main theory, the point of view of each character. During the last minute of 'The Walking Dead' finale, your view is that of the character being killed. You are looking up at Negan before he strikes you in the head with Lucille, and then blood starts pouring into your eyes. 999 Gaming uses this theory to point out which characters are not going to be killed. As the finale comes to an end, you see a shot of each character as if Negan were looking directly at them.

From these shots you can see that Michonne, Rick, Maggie, Darryl, Glenn, and Carl all have hair in their eyes. He also notes that with Carl having only one eye, that would change how Negan was seen from his point of view.From this perspective, if the character being killed was Michonne, Rick, Maggie, Daryl, Glenn, or Carl, then the point of view of that character should show their vision being obscured by the hair in their face.

Abraham, Sasha, Aaron, Rosita, and Eugene all do not have hair in their eyes. Negan says, "Look at that, taking it like a champ," while he is beating the chosen character to death. Many believe this instantly means Sasha and Rosita are ruled out,as this phrase is often used in association with men.999 Gaming also points out that Eugene's eye is nearly swollen shut, so that would show in his point of view of Negan.

This leaves both Aaron and Abraham as the possible targets. Many believe Aaron is such a minor character in the storyline, killing him would leave fans feeling let down after all the build up between now and next season.

How does Negan kill Abraham?

999 Gaming is so convinced he knows what has happened, that he breaks down how season 7 will begin. He believes Abraham will do something to incite Negan to pick him. Glenn will make a move to get to Maggie and Maggie yells at him to try to get him to stop as Negan has already said if anyone moves he will take Carl's other eye. Abraham sees Glenn moving too and yells his name so he will stop.

What do you think of this theory? Do you think it makes sense?

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