Who does not love a good movie? Especially one that inspires us to move our businesses forward (Scroll down to see the top movie picks). While it is sometimes difficult to find the time to watch a movie, you should make that effort to see at least these 5 movies set to inspire our inner being.

Top Picks

Jerry Maguire

  • Keeping with your vision and mission is crucial for success. The top movie to move you to stay the course is Jerry Maguire. A course of action is set in the movie. The result is inspirational, to say the least.

The Aviator

  • How can you not see The Aviator? This movie, in a nutshell, gives us an insight into the successful life of Howard Hughes. Hughes has been deemed one of the most creative entrepreneurs of all time with a position that you can overcome everything that is thrown at you.

The Pursuit of Happiness

  • Motivating and moving plus a showing of the struggles of a very successful entrepreneur is where the movie The Pursuit of Happiness takes us. This movie, I have watched it several times, shows how persistence and focus lead to better things in life. Will Smith plays Chris Gardner and shows us how we too can get on course and lead a very successful career in business.

The Social Network

  • If you want to know about how Mark Zuckerberg got his start with Facebook, then The Social Network is a good place to start. Through deceit and claiming innocence, Zuckerberg worked his way to extreme success with his talent and vision. A lot can be learned from this film.


  • One final pick is "Jobs", the story of Apple from the perspective of being a ruthless con man to a successful entrepreneur. Although I do not condone a lot of the Jobs style behaviors, you can learn from how his creativity and vision process worked. His treatment of those around him is still suspect and having known a few "Apple" employees, I know first hand how they were treated. A good pick for seeing how vision can lead to business success.

There are more movies where we can learn a great deal about business and these are only the top five.

I will reveal more in the next weeks. Please leave a comment below with your picks for a great business related movie you have watched.

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