"The Simpsons" continued season 27 this week with an episode titled, "Fland Canyon." Ned Flanders and Homer Simpson whip up a plan to take their families on vacation to the Grand Canyon, and they end up having to problem solve a near-disaster together. The shared family vacation brings the neighbors closer together, but it also recycles a lot from the past. With 27 seasons behind them, "The Simpsons" might finally be running out of original ideas once and for all. That's not to say there weren't some funny moments this episode, but as the show approaches 600 episodes it's become obvious that it's becoming more difficult to have fresh moments on the animated series.

The Simpsons benefit from Ned's good luck

Ned Flanders, two years ago, won a trip to the Grand Canyon for two families. The story this episode is retold by Homer, who is trying to get Maggie to fall asleep. Flanders became the winner of the coveted family vacation because he was cleaning up skid row as a volunteer and was seen as the most selfless individual for his good will act. Initially Flanders picked the Lovejoy family to vacation with, but as fortune would have it for the Simpsons, Ned picked them in the end. Viewers are left to wonder if the story would have been better if it was another crossover episode with "Family Guy."

The Flanders and Simpson fight on vacation

Despite a picturesque vacation spot, neither family can get along with the other.

Maude and Marge trade insults about parenting skills, or the lack thereof, and Bart and Homer's lack of social skills and questionable morals come into play. Meanwhile, the two families encounter some millionaires who are aptly prepared for an excursion deep into the Grand Canyon. Not much later, as luck would have it, the tour guide's donkey, with all the supplies that the feuding families need, falls into the canyon and it leaves everyone stranded.

Homer and Ned take the opportunity to snap into action to save their families.

Ned and Homer save the day

When Maggie falls asleep, Homer continues explaining what happened to Lisa, finishing the story. Homer tells his oldest daughter that Ned and he went looking for help and found the campsite of the millionaires they had met on the trails earlier.

They steal the supplies from the millionaires and escape to safety in a raft they float down the river back to their families. The next morning they offer their families an extravagant breakfast, which no one seems to question, and soon after they are rescued. It's revealed that Ned is actually listening to Homer retell the story through a window of his house and during a brief conversation Ned reminds Homer that he still owes him a vacation to make up for the disaster.