The latest biopic trailer has hit the internet and its subject seems to be pretty pleased with the results. Snowden is a film starring Joseph Gordon Levitt as former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)employee and whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowdenwas branded a terrorist by some and a hero by others forreleasing classifiedNational Security Agency (NSA) documents that proved that the American government was spying on everyday citizens.

Secrecy, sex, and scandal

The film clearly views Snowden as an American hero.

If you liked The Social Network, then this film is perfect for you. It's directed byOliver Stone, who is most famous for his take on the assassination of John F. Kennedy in JFK.He's known for turning the subjects of his film from ordinary human beings into mythical icons. Based on the trailer, he gave Snowden the same treatment.

The trailer begins with Snowden's Army Reservedays and shows that he not only trained with two broken legs for weeks, but that this was also the catalyst that propelled him to join the CIA.

During testing, Snowden passes the 5-hour CIA entrance exam in an astounding 38 minutes.

From there, the story takes a dark turn into the familiar territory that we associate Snowden with. His boss, played by Nicholas Cage asks him to find an internet terrorist. As a result, the CIA newbie discovers the terrorist within, in the form of the American government, who is spying on everyday citizens unbeknownst to them.

The coolest part of the trailer is when Snowden gathers the classified data onto an SD card, hides it in a Rubik's Cube andsneaks it to the media. That's about the time when Snowden goes from amazing to legendary.

Of course with every high, there is a low. The worst part in the trailer is when Levitt as Snowden is shown having sex while making the realization that he's being watched.

Hero or traitor, no one wants to see that. Case in point, in Whitney, America unexpectedlysaw Whitney Houston (YaYa DaCosta)and Bobby Brown (Arlen Escarpeta)have a very long sex scene. As much as America loved Whitney,there are some things that should remain private.

Levitt, himself, doesn't make much of a physical transformation to play Snowden, save for his pattern of speech. His voice is more baritone and his diction is proper. Otherwise, he's easily believable as Snowden. His acting coupled with the real life circumstances surrounding the film are sure to make moviegoers rush to theaters. Already, "Snowden" has been trending on Twitter with 22.1K tweets by thisafternoon.

Snowden's reaction

The real life Snowden is obviously not one to stay quiet. He's been vocal about several national security and political scandals on Twitter, including the recent Apple vs. the FBI scandal. In regards to the film, he posted the most cocky and hilarious tweet aimed at the NSA ever.

Clearly he was thumbing his nose at the agency and it just made his followers love him more. As far as anyone knows, the real Snowden did not make a cameo in the film, but it was shot in Germany and the NSA whistleblower is in asylum in Russia, so anything is possible.

Snowden hits theaters on September 16th, 2016.

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