The rumors are flying forThe Bold and the Beautiful, and it looks like Quinn might have a baby on the way, and it could be Liam's baby. That would cause a lot of issues if they decide to go that way with the story line, but Celeb Dirty Laundry makes it sound like that is exactly what could happen according to their new spoilers.

Will Quinn be pregnant?

It sounds like Quinn being pregnant is going to be the next big news to come out. This would be pretty shocking considering the age of her son Wyatt.

Quinn spent a lot of alone time with Liam, and they were having sex. At the time, Liam thought that Quinn was his wife because she had been telling him that they were married and named Adam and Eve. Nobody knows if they were using protection of any kind.

Quinn felt like this was a solid relationship and has even revealed that she was falling in love with Liam. If he had never remembered his past, then they could have easily got pregnant, had a baby together and moved away from everyone. Liam would have never known the truth.

Quinn has been trying to win Deacon back, even though she did try to kill him. There is a possibility that if she is pregnant, Deacon could end up being the father and not Liam. That just wouldn't make for near as much drama, and you know soap operas love their drama.

Quinn and Liam reunite

Later this week, Quinn is going to meet up with Liam and of course try to apologize. That won't work out as well as she hoped of course.

Spoilers say Liam will even shove her up against the wall and grab her by the neck. Right now, Liam is very focused on finding a way to win Steffy back, and he isn't worried about caring if Quinn is happy with him or not. If she does end up pregnant, that will make it a lot harder for Liam to want to send her to jail. He would at least feel bad about a pregnant woman being behind bars.

Do you think that Quinn and Liam will end up having a baby together?

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