"The Big Bang Theory" thunders this week towards a conclusion of season 9 with an episode titled, "The Big Bear Precipitation." The bear in the title has all sorts of connotations for this episode and beyond, perhaps most subtly but glaringly suggesting that Raj is in the closet with his sexuality. While Penny, Leonard, Amy and Sheldon spend most of the episode in the woods, where bears abound, Raj brings a giant stuffed bear bigger than a human to Bernadette and Howard in celebration of the upcoming birth of their first child.

Sheldon experiments with virtual reality

Sheldon, wearing virtual reality goggles and headphones, remarks that it's nice to get back to nature. When he spots a virtual butterfly, Leonard ruins his experience by spooking him in the real world.


Later, Amy says that there's a cognitive benefit of the wilderness with a 50% gain in reasoning skills after being outside. Penny asks why there aren't more genius squirrels, causing Sheldon to inform her she needs his virtual forest more than he does.

Amy manipulates Sheldon to head into the woods

When Amy suggests they rent a cabin, Penny mentions that a doctor in Big Bear has offered her a cabin for free. Amy says it would be fun and Sheldon tells her sarcastically to look it up in the dictionary. Sheldon lists all the things, including mosquitoes and bears, that could cause them trouble in the wild. When Amy warns that Leonard could come back smarter she manipulates Sheldon into going into the wild. On the way, Sheldon remarks that he’s down to one bar on his cell phone so if they want to contact anyone on social media to tell them their political views are dumb they should do it now.

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When they arrive at the cabin he asks if they should check each other for ticks. All they did was walk in from the car, but Sheldon drops his pants and Amy smiles and remarks that safety should come first. Because it's raining out and the board games are missing pieces, the scientists talk about the best way to build a fire, but in seconds Penny just goes ahead and sets the wood aflame.

Raj wants to be part of Bernadette's pregnancy

Bernadette watches a childbirth video of a woman giving birth in a river and Howard remarks it's the least Jewish thing he's ever seen. Howard asks if Raj, who has been taking a big interest in Bernadette's pregnancy, is getting carried away after seeing an ultrasonic baby monitor he bought for the couple. Later, Raj brings over a massive teddy bear bigger than himself. Howard declares some boundaries need to be set about the baby and Raj agrees. He falls over himself taking the bear out the door but asks to leave with his dignity. Soon after, Howard and Bernadette feel remorse and Raj is invited back to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

When Raj asks to smear the jelly on Bernadette's stomach Howard says its weird again.

Drinking games at the cabin go awry

Penny suggests the drinking game "Never Have I Ever," and Sheldon shocks when he drinks over a question about being arrested. He admits he jaywalked because of an aggressive Girl Scout and it was cookie season. When a nearby police officer didn’t see Sheldon break the law he mockingly brought it to his attention and ended up in handcuffs. Leonard and Penny start using the game to expose secrets, like using Sheldon's toothbrush to clean the sink. In retaliation Sheldon, in the spirit of the drinking game, spills the beans on a secret bank account Leonard keeps because Penny can’t handle money. Leonard apologizes to Penny about the account which now has a little over $6,000 accumulated and Penny admits she also has a secret. She hates her job and flirting with doctors for sales and hasn’t been happy for a while. Despite the revelation, Penny decides to do the grown up thing and work her current job to get out of debt. Leonard flirts with her and continues the game by saying he's never made love in the forest while it’s raining but Penny shocks him by remarking that now she has to drink.