Taylor Swift is one of the most honored artists in the world. She has accumulated over 250 awards since her career began and the iHeart Radio awards simply added to her collection. She absolutely treats each award as if it is her first! (Scroll down to read why she may be leaving the industry).

The Awards

The awards are so numerous, it is really difficult to keep track but as of September 2010 Swift had already won 254 awards and was nominated for 551. Absolutely astounding!

This is a short list of the awards Taylor Swift has received over the years, I have listed the first 25, there are over 55 on the list.

Taylor Swift is an artist almost everyone recognizes and she is humble each time she receives one. I am in awe of such a great young person!

Country Awards and Pop Awards

iHeart Radio, Golden Globes, Academy of Country Music , Canadian Country Music Association, Channel V Thailand Music Video , Country Music Association , Country Music of Australia, CMT Music , Do Something, American Music Awards, APRA (Australia), ARIA Music, BBC Music, Billboard Awards, BMI, Bravo Otto, Brit Awards, Echo, Elle Style, Emmy, FiFi, Glamour, Grammy, American Country, American Country Countdown, and the Guinness World Records - this list is seemingly endless but I am sure you get the picture!

Taylors Statement About Her Last Awards Event

What is happening in Taylor Swift's Life these days where she is not planning another awards event in the near future?

Has her personal life taken over and she will be toning down her career?

I somehow doubt the star will give up her own personal ambitions for anyone as she has had too much heartache in her life. Perhaps she will take another shift and try a shift in her genre once again.

What is on her mind these days is still a big mystery.

Where will she go with her next album and when will she be recording again? A star this well-loved is not likely to kick her career, it would cause a riot in the streets. Her ability to break down barriers will certainly still be a passion using her music as the instrument of inclusiveness.

Taylor, don't leave us, simply rest and go at it again!

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