I haven’t finished watching all the seasons of Gilmore Girls, and I didn’t see it first time around. So, I really don’t know what’s coming next. (So please don’t spoil it for me.)

That’s a lot like real life

Over the course of at least five seasons, Loralei has wished for a love relationship, and had a few that she jettisoned. Everyone in town, and in the viewing audience, knows that she’s really in love with Luke. She just doesn’t realize it.

I once knew a woman who was clueless about when a guy liked her.

She literally had to be told by her friends because she couldn’t see it. Loralei has spent, supposedly, years claiming that Luke is just a friend, until he isn’t.

The plans that don’t materialize

Few things seem more heartbreaking than love gone wrong, unless it’s the wedding that never seems to happen.


In Loralei’s case, she has the dress, the church, the flowers, everything ready for her June 3rd wedding when, naturally, the writers throw a wrench in the works.

Stories require conflict and problems to keep interest high. Similarly, while we all want life to be serene and problem-free, it gets a little boring when it actually is that way.

Problems will come your way

Few of us need to worry about life getting too dull because everything is going right all the time. It never does.

Just when everything in the house is in order, the water heater blows, or the fridge has a meltdown.

Things can be happy, happy in your love life, when a long lost relative shows up and reveals a family secret that changes everything.

Fiction imitates life

Sometimes it feels like real life imitates fiction because the story lines are so similar.

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But it can be the other way around. As a fiction writer, I draw my stories from real life (as opposed to pure fantasy). All I have to do is look around and see that the same kinds of events that rock real people’s worlds, do the same in fiction.

Don’t be a horror story

The best we can all do is to keep enough adventure in everyday life so that it’s a thrill to live, but not so much that it brings us to our knees. And whatever you do, try not to let your life become a horror movie. Making smart choices helps.

Think that over.