From PaleyFest 2016

Less Showy Guest Stars: “What happened is it was growing pains. I think it can happen to any show and though we still remain number one, we are learning. Sometimes you don’t feel like it’s enough, that these wonderfully talented actors are enough and you bring in this person, Ok maybe we will get more eyes and at the end of the day, you have my partner Amy, you have Eileen, you have Brian (Grazer), we got Francine. We have a network, we have a studio. It’s just a process and at the end of the day, we came back.” Show Co-Creator and Exec.

Producer Lee Daniels

More Tough Scenes with Terrence: “One of the many things that they were so great about piecing this cast together was that somehow they pieced together people who just chemically got along. The scenes with Terrence and me are so difficult but I trust him so much outside the show. It’s very difficult and it just leaves you empty.

This season there are scenes coming up that are so intense that you wonder, can they come back from that but afterwards we just hug it out.” Bryshere Gray

More Songs From Jussie Smollett: “I asked Jussie how many songs he wrote this year and he said, it was eight songs.

I don’t how many shows have the lead actors actually writing and producing their own songs.” Terrence Howard

Trai Byers Is Not Leaving The Show: “There were some rumors that Trey was not happy. He’s very happy with the show and he went to Twitter and he made sure everybody understood that.” Lee Daniels

More Indie Music Artists and Character--Actor Guest Stars: “We have a lot of Indie artists that are coming on and actors that you may not have seen their face before but what’s so dope is that this time last year you hadn’t seen our faces before.

We’ve had such an amazing opportunity through this show that it’s dope that we are able to bring on artists such as Greasy. So many actors and musicians that are coming on and able to shine.”

Guest Stars Wish List: “Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Prince, Rhianna, Sidney Poitier.” Lee Daniels

Well, that’s either a big hint or they are already scheduled.

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