Ever since the start of 2016, former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has found herself back in the headlines. Palin's latest highlight is her public criticism of Bill Nye the Science Guy, while denying the validity of human impact on climate change.

Palin goes off

While appearing on Capitol Hill last week, Palin spoke as part of a promotion for an anti-climate change film titled "Climate Hustle." During the conversation, the former "Amazing America" star took a shot a Nye and his credentials as a scientist.

"Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am," Palin said, describing Nye as a "kids' show actor" who was harming children by teaching them that climate change was caused by human activity. The media backlash to Palin's comments came quick and were harsh, which prompted the former 2008 failed vice presidential candidate to unload on her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Palin went off on social media earlier this week, stating, "Twice in one day the lamestream media needs me to spank them." Palin was referring to reports that she dropped out of a climate change debate with Nye and from a campaign event for Donald Trump.

Palin went on to question whether or not the media was "bored," "total incompetent," "allergic to facts," or "just digging their attempts to get away with zero accountability."

Continuing, Palin promoted her daughter Bristol's latest attempt to defend her mother in a blog post on Patheos.

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"Media Idiots: Quit Making Things Up," Palin tweeted out, asking, "Does My Daughter ALWAYS Have to Ding You On Your Constant Lies?" before posting a link to the blog post in question.

On Tuesday, Palin went back to her Twitter account and, in an attempt to link the liberal leaning online magazine "Salon" to her own defense, the former governor cited an piece written by James Delingpole.

What Palin failed to point out is that Delingpole is known as acontrarian columnist who has been described as a "libertarian conservative" and a "prominent voice of the right."

Palin's rough 2016

Since announcing her endorsement of Donald Trump for president in January, Palin and her family have been in and out of the news. Just 24 hours before publicly supporting Trump, Palin's son, Track, was arrested and charged with domestic violence against a female.

Since that time, Bristol Palin has been involved in two separate custody battles over her children with each of her two ex-fiances. In addition, Palin's husband, Todd, was critically injured in a snow mobile accident last month.

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