The official cause of death of Prince is weeks away, although the autopsy has already been completed. TMZis reportingthat the singer, who died on Thursday, April 21, overdosed on Percocet just days before his passing.

The details are shaky rightnow but reports arethat Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson,was taking the prescription drugto deal withpain from a 2009hip surgery. Protégé, Sheila E, says he wasinjured from dancing and jumpingoff stage one too many timesin high heels. Fans ofthe R&B singerwill recall that he liked to wear women's clothing and that he was perpetually in high heels.Prince was a Jehovah'sWitness, so hip replacement surgery was out of thequestion because hisreligion doesn't believe in blood transfusions.

The Purple One's last major performance was in Atlanta on April 14. It was a rescheduled concert to make up for a previously cancelled concert due to the flu. The performer reportedly remained seated at the piano for the vast amount of the show. On theway home, his plane had to make an emergency landing in Illinois and the singerhad to berushedto the hospital because of the flu, according to his publicist. His body was found unresponsive in his elevator in his Minneapolis, Minnesota complex on Thursday.

Thoughthe entertainerwas 57-years old, he didn't look it.

The ever youthful performer looked only slightly different than his 1980's younger self, which is further fueling rumorsthat drugs played a part in his death.It's a common story among entertainers butbeing that Prince lived a healthy lifestyle in accordance to his religion, this is highly unlikely. Michael Jackson was also a Jehovah's Witness who died from a drug overdose in the prescience of a doctor.

However, that was later ruled to be murder and his doctor, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

A weird 911 call

The transcript of the 911 call announcing Prince's death was released as well. It shows a conversation between an unidentified male and the 911 operator. During the call, the unidentified male doesn't appear to know the address of the complex and who is dead exactly.He says,"the person is dead here." It's not until later in the conversation that the caller identifies Prince as the deceased party, but he tells the operator earlier in the conversation, "And the people are just distraught."

The obvious question is how can someone be at the performer's home, the other people be distraught, and yet not know that the person who owns the home is dead?

The possible answer is that Prince often threw partiesat his home. In fact, the last party he threw was on April 16. He reportedly threw the party to show that he was in good health.

It's possible that the callers might have been revelers who happened upon the body and had a random person call for help. It wouldn't be unusual for the partiers to not know the address. The only problem is thatthe 57-year old'sbody was found at 10:07 a.m. and there are no reports of a party that carried over to the morning of April 21st. So the question remains, why were there so many people at the home of the singer on the morning of his death and why didn't anyone know that he was dead? All these questions will hopefully be answered once the official autopsy results are released.

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