Gotta film them all

A battle rages in Hollywood, and it's probably not what you'd expect. A number of the movie industry's top names have gathered to duke it out in a Pokemon battle. Studios including Sony, Warner Bros., and Legendary are having a bidding war over the rights to make a live-action "Pokemon" movie. According to sources speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, the auction is nearing its end, and Legendary is currently trying to out-bid Warner Bros., which has been fighting for rights to the title. Meanwhile, Sony has shown some interest as well.


A legendary battle

Legendary films has a nice selection of movies under its belt, including some comic properties. They are currently working on the live-action "Warcraft" movie, so it makes sense for them to be interested in a franchise that straddles the world between comic, tv series, and game. If Legendary does win the bid, though, it may lead to some trouble. Legendary is a Chinese-operated studio, and a Chinese firm owning the rights to a Japanese franchise may contribute to the tensions between the two Eastern countries. Sources didn't indicate when the auction would be over, but fans might find out soon enough who emerges the victor as the proud owner of the Pokemon live-action film project.


The "Pokemon" legacy

The Pokemon franchise has spawned 18 movies, several TV shows, and over 50 games (and even more if you count individual iterations of the same game as its own entry). "Pokemon Moon" and "Sun" have recently been announced as being the next on the list of the main Pokemon games in the franchise.

At the moment there is very little information available about the planned live-action movie aside from the existence of the auction.

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It's possible that whichever studio gets the rights will simply sit on them for a while -- so fans, don't hold your breath. Hopefully, the title is too important and well-known to get stuck in development hell.

The Pokemon themselves will most likely be CGI, but hey, Morgan Freeman as Pikachu, anyone?

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