Phoenix transplant Haley Lee Hallock AKA Tomi Noir has been very busy these past several months. Quickly moving from beginner to seasoned veteran in a very short time, she has a look and chiseled features that are very unique. Aside from modeling, she'salso a Psych Therapist! I have shot with her twice and she is very professional. I asked her a few questions, and here is what she had to say:

Height / weight: 5’4”, 112lbs

Dress size: 1-3

Hometown: Spearfish, SD

Michael J Wells: Describe your modeling experience; how did you start?

Tomi Noir: I was actually inspired by my younger sister Alexandria who is 13 years my junior.

She has been a performer her entire life and was in a variety of pageants. Where she stayed devoted to the right-brain endeavors, I went more for the left-brain. She came and stayed with me for the summer last year and we went to a modeling workshop put together by local Phoenix fine arts photographer, Michelle Engberg and it has been a whirlwind of bookings in the last five months! She breathed life back into my creativity! I love you, Sitzy!

MJW: Type of modeling do you prefer (promo, runway, glam, fashion, urban, etc.)?

TN: I just recently did my first runway show and it was AMAZING! I enjoy both runway and one-on-one shoots equally whether it is for fashion, promo, glam. I have workshop experience where multiple photographers shoot simultaneously, as well as some acting experience.

MJW: How would you define your personal style?

TN: I see myself as a pretty versatile model as I am able to collaborate with nearly anyone concerning their goals while still incorporating my own spin. However, I have been noted as having a darker, sensual style.

MJW: Briefly describe a fun photo shoot that you were on.

TN: I would have to say one of my favorite shoots to date was with Baha Kent out of DC. He had approached me with something that challenged my comfort zone, but did so in such a professional and fun-loving way that we both were blown away by the product. We also had a fun location here in AZ at Talking Stick Resort.

MJW: What keeps you motivated about modeling? What do you really love about it?

TN: I stay motivated with modeling because being a business owner and PSYCH-K/CCH primarily; I get to do something that is more personally-focused. It is an outlet for my passion and creativity and also challenging in a different way. I also love working with such amazing photographers! They are such huge inspirations for me in that they can see something in a shot that I can only hope to one day! Their own signature on their work is so incredibly exciting!

MJW: How has modeling changed you? Are you a better person?

TN: I think modeling has definitely impacted my life in a positive way. The local community is made up of some real gems; models, MUAs and photographers.

Their passion has ignited something within me that is truly inspiring and furthermore contagious! I couldn’t be happier being a part of a visual artist community that is so warm and welcoming.

MJW: What is your overall opinion of the Phoenix fashion scene from a modeling standpoint?

TN: Phoenix definitely has its own style when it comes to modeling, but to attempt to describe it would be relatively futile. I see more Midcentury, Fetish, Dark, Goth, and Anime-themed shoots coming out of Phoenix. I think it’s cool and risqué, but then there is also a very interesting Southwestern High Fashion scene, so I guess, we have a full spectrum of awesome in AZ!

MJW: Best advice you’ve ever received?

TN: My sweet Aries mama always said I could do anything if I could dream it.

And she was so right; I’ve not only be able to be a success in the psychology world, but now in the modeling and music world! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Contact Tomi Noir (Haley Hallock): Model Mayhem: HaleyLeeHallock. TWITTER: @HaleyHallock @SHHProject INSTAGRAM: @HaleyHallock

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